6 Best Bh Cosmetics Palettes Of All Time

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6 Best Bh Cosmetics Palettes Of All Time

Want to know, what the best Bh Cosmetics Palette are? Well, I am going to give you my suggestions of the best Bh Cosmetic Palettes. And if I say there are the best then you should believe me.

6 Best Bh Cosmetics Palettes Of All Time

I am a huge fan of Bh cosmetics because they are affordable, have variety, and have good quality of makeup.  I feel that they are an up and coming brand (see my blog here for W-7 another up and coming brand).  In a way they remind me of NYX (see my blog here on must haves for NYX). In the sense that NYX was a small time brand that blew up because if their price, quality, and variety.

But this post is not about NYX, it is about the best Bh cosmetics palettes. And they are listed below:

The Best Bh Cosmetics Palettes Of All Time (contains affiliate links)

Best Bh cosmetics Palettes ~ #1 Take Me Back To Brazil – 35 Color Pressed Pigment Palette $29.95

The 6 Best Bh Cosmetics Palettes Of All Time

This palette reminds me of a bird of paradise flower or something.  This is one of the best Bh Cosmetic Palettes because of its color and it’s vibrancy.

Best Bh cosmetics palettes ~ #2 Blushed Neutrals – 26 Color Eyeshadow and Blush Palette $14.95

The 6 Best Bh Cosmetics Palettes Of All Time

This is one of the best Bh cosmetics palettes because it has been around for such a long time. I feel like I first bought this palette 2 years ago and it is still ticking on my makeup desk.  It is a great travel palette because it comes with both the eyeshadow and the blush. The tones of the shadow is good for about every skin tone.

Best Bh cosmetics palettes ~ #3 Ashley Tisdale Palettes.

Illuminate By Ashley Tisdale: Night Goddess and Beach Goddess ~ 12 Color Eye & Cheek Collection $14.95

The 6 Best Bh Cosmetics Palettes Of All Time

Both of these palettes are part of the best Bh cosmetics palettes. I have had the Ashley Tisdale palette for a while now as well and I still love it. Each a palette has its own complete look. The Night Goddess Palette has a great night look and the Beach Goddess palette has options for a great day look. The best thing about this palettes and why they make the list is because they are not just eyeshadows but come with the blushes and highlighters as well.

Best Bh cosmetics palettes ~ #4 Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition – 21 Color Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette $22.50

The 6 Best Bh Cosmetics Palettes Of All Time

I love this palette so much that I actually have the Deluxe Edition and the normal edition.  I did a complete review on this palette to see it click here.  I love the highlight in this palette, the blush, and the shadows.  It makes you look like a bronze goddess.  It is a great palette to travel with and the colors are amazing.  Not too dramatic.  Which is why it makes the list.

Best Bh cosmetics palettes ~ #3 Special Occasion – 39 Color Eyeshadow & Blush Palette $15.90

The reason this palette makes it to the best Bh Cosmetic palette list is because it is a complete and total palette.  If you take this palette with you while you are traveling or even if it is like the only palette you have, its all good because you can create many looks with it due to the number of eyeshadows and eyeshadow shades.  And of course to make this palette even better it comes with blushes as well.

Best Bh Cosmetics Palette ~ #6 Pride Prejudice Zombie Palette

This palette was a limited edition palette. Meaning that this came out with the movie came out something about zombies.  I did not watch the move but I did wear this palette because I loved the colors. The palette is getting harder to find but I still feel like it was one of the best Bh Cosmetics palettes. I love the colors as well as the packaging.  To see a review of the hair I have on in the picture below, click my post here.

Bh Cosmetics Brush Sets

BH Cosmetics Metal Rose 11 Piece Brush Set with Cosmetic Bag $22.50

Everybody needs a great brush set, which is why this one makes the list.  I love the fact that it has this metallic pink look to it which makes it good for travel.

BH Cosmetics Shimmering Bronze 12 Piece Brush Set $24.50

Studded Couture – 12 Piece Brush Set $24.50


6 Best Bh Cosmetics Palettes Of All Time

These are my picks for the brush sets. First because both of them are very feminine and they are really good brushes to have on a vanity (see my blog here on Affordable Vanity DIY) because they are so decorative.

Now that you have seen my picks for the best Bh Cosmetic palettes I want to know your favorites.