Being In A Season of Waiting And What To Do About It

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Being In A Season of Waiting And What To Do About It

Are you in a season of waiting and wondering what you can do to get out of it?  Before I address the season of waiting I want you to understand what type of season you are in, if it is God ordained or self-inflicted.  There is a season of waiting that is God ordained and there is just a season of waiting because you refuse to move on to your next phase of life.

So how can you tell which season of waiting you are in?

It is simple.  The first thing you need to do is pray and just talk to God about it (click my blog h

ere on how to hear from God).  The fact of the matter is that I can sit and wait for a leprechaun to come knocking on my front door with a pot of gold but just because I am waiting for that to happen does not make it true, it does not mean that it is going to happen, nor does it mean that what I am waiting for is of God.


Waiting for something that is just a pipe dream or something that God did not tell you to wait f

or will only end in frustration because you are not supposed to be doing it anyway.

Now that this simple explanation is over and if you feel like your season of waiting is God ordained let’s talk about why you are in it and what you can do about it.

Season of waiting because God is waiting on you

Often times when we are in a season of waiting God is waiting on you.  There may have been something that you were told you to do, something that He told you to work on, or even somewhere that He asked you to go

Being In Season of Waiting And What To Do About It

but yet you still have not done it yet.
Therefore your season of waiting is because of you.  It is because you have not done what you needed to do in order to move forward and your wait to be over (check out my blog when God says move you move).  If God wants to move you to another level and you have not done your part then you are just going to be stuck waiting like a fool until you get up and finish what God wants to do.

Season of waiting because God is pruning you or refining your character

Often times in the waiting season there is stuff happening to you.  And often times the stuff that is happening to


you is not pleasant.  But understand that these things are not to break you but to build you character and to make you stronger.

For example, I was in a season of waiting for a better job. I was in a job I had to take after I got laid off from a really good one. It seemed like I was going nowhere. And while I was going nowhere I was at a job that I hated making less money than I had been making before.  And people were talking behind my back and everything just kept going wrong and there was nothing that I could do about it.


In that season of waiting for something to happen I felt like I was just super depressed (check out my blog on remember the time I had to forgive God).  But I came out of the season and now that I look back I realize that the season I was in made me stronger.  It taught me to rely more on God because there were times where I did not know where the money was going to come from but God made it happen.

It taught me to be more responsible with my money, since I had so little of it I could not just spend it how I wanted to.  And it taught me not to be phased by what other people thought about me. Even though people were trying to get in my way I had to learn how to disregard them not care about what they thought (check out my blog here) and do what I had to do. And more than anything it taught me that I wanted to work for myself.

I did come out of that season of waiting and I came out stronger than what I had went in as. With more insight about my life than I had before.

Being In Season of Waiting And What To Do About ItSeason of Waiting Getting Closer to God

God is our father and He wants us to talk to Him.  He does not want us just going about our day not even caring or acknowledging that He is there.  So often times God puts us in a season of waiting so that we can get closer to Him.

When you are in a season of waiting and you know that there is nothing that you can do to get out of the season of waiting on your own that is when you HAVE to rely on God. You have to talk to Him, pray, harder, and grow your relationship.  And that is why God has put you at a standstill because you have someone how forgotten that there is no way to where you want to go without Him. Therefore you must learn to acknowledge Him in all your ways and that is when you will be ready to move forward.

Season of Waiting Not Ready

Speaking of not ready the reason why you may be waiting is because you may not be ready to move forward.  There may be some things that you need to figure out, people that you need to cut out of your life, or something you need to do that is holding you back.  And because you are not ready then you are stuck waiting.

On the opposite end of the spectrum the people that God has put into place to help you may not be ready.  Sometimes you just have to sit back and allow God to work his magic.  Even if you are doing everything right and you are ready, the other pieces of the puzzle may not be put into place yet in order for you to move on.

Season of Waiting And What To Do

If you are in a season of waiting I hope that many of these suggestions tell you what to do. But let me just sum it up for you in case you are still lost.

Do the last thing God told you to do. You could be waiting because you are stubborn. God may have given you a direction but you refuse to follow it.

Get closer to God and pray for His direction and his wisdom.  If God put you in the season of waiting then He can get you out of it just ask Him.

Be a better person and strengthen your character.

Wait in peace and do not get bitter or angry in your season of waiting.  You may not be ready or God is still behind the scenes working.  It is better to be grateful and thankful, knowing God is going to work it out over getting angry and depressed.

Make sure that what you are waiting for is God ordained and not just coming from yourself.

I actually read a book on this very same subject from Heather Lindsey called the silent season.  I am a huge fan of hers and if you are in a season of waiting for anything from a job, relationship, purpose, ANYTHING I recommend you check this book out.  Click here to purchase (contains an affiliate link).

Being In A Season of Waiting And What To Do About It 


Being In A Season of Waiting And What To Do About It