Best Affordable DIY Blac Chyna Outfit Inspiration

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Blac Chyna Outfit Inspiration. Mermaid Hair

Blac Chyna Outfit Inspiration. Get the Look For Less

When I saw this picture of this Blac Chyna outfit, there were two things that stood out to me. Her hair and that bag.  Since I did not want to go a splurge on thousands of dollars for a human hair multi-colored with like she has or that Chanel bag I had to get the look for less.

Blac Chyna Outfit Inspiration. Mermaid Hair

To make up the real Blac Chyna outfit, the Chanel bag that she has is literally like 5k, now if you have money like that and want to buy that bag then click here. Now for all of us normal people with a normal budget I found this similar bag that is under $70 from Betsy Johnson.

Betsey Johnson Split Decision Dome Satchel

Blac Chyna Outfit Inspiration. Mermaid Hair

I love this bag. It comes with this little ice cream thing which I chose to remove but once I got the ice cream thing out of the way I felt like this bag was a great dupe for the Chanel Rainbow bag.

Now on to the mermaid hair.

Mermaid Pastel Ombre Rainbow Hair Cosplay Wig Synthetic Hair Lace Front Wig

Blac Chyna Outfit Inspiration. Mermaid Hair

The hair that Blac Chyna has is fire! It is also probably custom dyed and human hair. First, I could not find a similar type of hair anywhere online. Not without paying hundreds of dollars and many of them came from China vendors.  Not trying to be mean, but I get so cautious from some vendors from over seas because they do not post their real product. You end up spending money on something that is a hot mess.  Don’t believe me check out my video on a bad wig I got from one of these vender.

But I did end up getting wig off Ebay from China.  But it was a cheap wig so I felt like it could be but so bad. The wig I got was a cosplay wig. Meaning that it is not meant to be worn as regular wig.  It was a lace front wig which was great. The cons were that it was a synthetic wig, it looked very plastic as well. I had to use dry shampoo in order to get the shine off.  Some other options that you can use is baby powder, to keep it looking so fake.

The second issue with the wig was that the dye was not the same as the picture, mainly the top part. The wig had barely any pink and still had a lot of blonde left at the top of the wig and it was supposed to be pink; like the picture shows.  This was a vendor from China, so I  knew that it was a big possibility the wig would not look exact.  I would semi happy with the wig, but the coloring issue was a problem for me.  I would have like the wig much better if it was just fully dyed pink at the top.

Jessica Simpson Women’s Claudette D’Orsay Pump Pastel

Blac Chyna Outfit Inspiration. Mermaid Hair

For the shoes, I went a little rouge. Blac Chyna’s shoes were very plain to me.  So I opted from these Jessica Simpson shoes.  They are really cute, super fun, and still went along with the rainbow wig and purse vibe.

As far as the outfit, I got both the skirt and the shirt from Amazon and both were under $15, and once again both the skirt and the shirt are pretty good dupes for her outfit.

SheIn Women’s Boho Ruffle Off Shoulder Bell Sleeve Crop Top Blouse

Blac Chyna Outfit Inspiration. Mermaid Hair

TWINTH Pencil Skirts Casual Skirt

Blac Chyna Outfit Inspiration. Mermaid Hair

You can click my video below to see my full video on this outfit.

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Blac Chyna Outfit Inspiration. Mermaid Hair