Blue Green Wig Review and Transformation

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Blue Green Wig Review and Transformation

I am a huge fan of colored wigs which is why I fell in love with this blue green wig.  It is formally knows as the Ocean color wig by  Mane Concept Name Bailey. Because of the OS1B/Ocean color.  The wig has 1b at the roots, which I love because it makes it easier to blend with your natural hair. And it has a mix of purple, green, and blue into the rest of the wig.

Now if you are a reader of my blog or my YouTube channel then you know I love me some colored wigs and I am always on the lookout for unique color wigs, which is why I felt this blue green wig was unique. The hard part is finding wigs that still have color but do not look like a Hallow week costume.

Here is the original card of the wig so you can tell how it looked on the model.  I liked the color and the length on her but I ended up cutting and doing a lot of other stuff in the wig because it does not look the same on me as it did the model.

Blue Green Wig Review and Transformation


Pros Of the Bailey Wig

Blue Green Wig Review and Transformation


  • The Color

  • The 1b roots, making it easier to blend

  • The Price (the wig is under $50). Buy it here.

Cons of the Bailey Wig

Blue Green Wig Review and Transformation


  • I did not expect to find so many cons with this wig, but to get the wig the way I wanted it to look took a lot of effort.

  • The shape: The way they cut this wig was not good. There was no real shape to the wig other than it had a whole bunch or curls going every which way with no type of style what so ever.

  • It was big: Now I am all for big hair, but this was a little bit too much hair.

  • The lace: Even though it is a lace front wig, there is no really parting space. You will have to choose to wear the wig bag or blend it with your edges.  But you cannot really part it unless you want your part to be like ¼ of an inch; if that.

Customization of the Bailey Wig

Blue Green Wig Review and Transformation


The first thing that I did to this wig was cut it shorter. Because the way the wig was cut, it had an inconsistent length. It was not layered or anything.  So I ended up cutting a lot of hair off the wig.

The second thing I did was trim the hair, as in trimming the inside of the hair to keep it from being so huge.

The third thing I did was try to tame it with some product. Even though this wig is synthetic, I put some product on it to weigh it down and tame the curls so that it was not so wild.

The fourth thing I did was blow dry it. The packaging on the wig did not say if it was heat safe, but I took a chance.  I pulled the curls straight a bit and put a blow dryer to it, to loosen the curls; so that it did not look so synthetic.  And it did not melt.

And that was it. You can check out my full video below to see my full wig review and transformation.  You can also get the wig here.

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Blue Green Wig Review and Transformation