Pink and Purple Wig Transformation From Puffy To Sleek

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Pink and Purple Wig Transformation

Okay so I could not really decide what color this wig was, so I finally decided that it was a pink and purple wig. When I saw this pink and purple wig it was not love at first sight because of the texture of the hair. It was too puffy and it just looked really out of control and all over the place.

But you should never judge a book by its cover because I did fall in love with the color of this hair. I felt like I could not easily get this color anywhere else and so that is the  main reason why I decided to buy it. And once I saw the wig was heat resistant, I knew that it could be straightened to take some of the wildness out of it.

After buying the wig, I knew that I needed to do a wig transformation. I did not like the puffy look, especially with color; it just looked like a hot mess all over my head. To do the wig transformation was not hard.  The wig is heat safe for up to 360F.  So I got my favorite flat iron (you can get it here), and set it on exactly 360F.  I then put some heat protectant on it and flat ironed the whole wig. Below is how it came out.


The hair took heat really well and I love the overall look. The wig is not a lace front wig per se, meaning that there was not lace to cut off and you cannot pull the hair back.  But the way the part is set up it makes it look really realistic.  I did not have to pluck the part at all and all I did was lay down my edges to make the part look realistic.  I did not have to create baby hairs on anything.

The wig is called Anytime LPW-125 and it is in the color TT1b/BG/PL.  To get the wig you can click here

Also, check out my video below to see the full wig transformation.

Pink and Purple Wig Transformation