Ombre Jumbo Braid Tutorial Using Kanekalon Hair

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Ombre Jumbo Braid Tutorial Using Kanekalon hair

There are so many uses for Kanekalon hair aside from the traditional box braids or other type of braids. And the awesome thing now is that the Kanekalon hair comes in different types of colors including ombre colors.  When I saw this three tone Kanekalon hair I thought I would be a really good idea to create a jumbo braid out of it.

You can watch the video below to check out the tutorial on how I created this look. You can also purchase the hair here.  All I did was use two packs of braiding hair, Eco Stlyer Gel, and some edge control gel to sleek down my hair.  I also tied a scarf around it at night to make sure that my edges were laid when I wore the style the next day. Let me know what you think. Post Contains affiliate links.

Ombre Jumbo Braid Tutorial Using Kanekalon hair

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