1950s Women’s Fashion ~ Recreations With Modern Clothes

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1950s Women's Fashion

I love 1950s women’s fashion, in my opinion this is an era that never goes out of style; if you know how to pull it off. Finding 1950s women’s fashion through vintage shops can be expensive. So for myself it is better to improvise to get the same looks without the vintage price.

1950s Women’s Fashion ~ Affordable Recreations With Modern Clothes

1950s Women’s Fashion ~ Outfit 1:

This is actually one of my favorite looks believe it or not.  I love the casualness and the laid back flow of the outfit.  I gives the flare of the casual “I am dressed like a boy but am really a girl look.” Today we would not think anything was wrong with a girl wearing pants, but back then women dressing like men was really taboo.

1950s Women's Fashion

Cello Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans $25

H&M Sleeveless Blouse $9.99

FOREVER 21+ Crew Neck Sweater $5.60

JOHN’S Bay Nexter Women Loafer $39.99

1950s Women’s Fashion ~ Outfit 2:

This is 1950’s women’s fashion is a classic feminine look of the 1950s. It is like a typical Marilyn Monroe type of feel.  I would also pair this outfit with red lipstick to complete the 1950s look.


BOOHOO Midi Skirt- $40

LIZ CLAIBORNE Wedge – $24.99

1950s Women’s Fashion ~ Outfit 3:

This 1950s women’s fashion is more of a preppy look that can be worn in both the fall and in the winter.

WOMEN’S Peacoat $29.99

MODCLOTH Leggings $19.99

AUGUST Modboy Cap $10.06

TWO LIPS Pumps $24.90

1950s Women’s Fashion ~ Outfit 4:

This is one of my more favored 1950’s women’s fashion looks as well.  I know I keep saying that. But I am obsessed with 1950’s women’s fashion, so all of them are my favorite in a way. Of course you are going to have to tie the red shirt to recreate this look and tie the scarf around your head.  But the colors of this look is more of a spring and summer look.

FOREVER 21 High Skinny Pants $19.90

A.N.A Blouse $13.99

MERONA Scarf $9.99

RIALTO COLINE Shoes $29.99

1950s Women’s Fashion ~ Outfit 5:

To recreate this look, I went a little off the off beaten path as the dress chosen is more revealing.  But the dress is still a fitted/midi dress that will give you the 1950s feel.

BOOHOO BodyCon Midi Dress $35

TWO LIPS Pointed Toes Pump $24.99


ANTONELLO Rose Pin $18.75

DILLARD’S Pearl Bracelets $19.60