Bobbi Boss Wig Review (Chanel) ~ Blue Purple Hair

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Out of all of the Bobbi Boss wigs that I have gotten, this one is by far my favorite. Today’s wig review will focus on the Bobbi Boss Chanel wig in the color TTB1/PURGR.  On the model, this wig could look a little like a costume wig, but when I actually got it, I loved it immediately.

Bobbi Boss Wig Review (Chanel) ~ Blue Purple Hair

The wig does have three comes in it and a realistic part.  The best thing about this wig is the color of the wig.  It is so amazing; the model on this wig does not do the wig justice at all.   In real life wig is not as bright as on the model.  You can tell the wig is blue and purple but it is also mixed with black, which gives it a more upscale look.

Bobbi Boss Wig Review (Chanel) ~ Blue Purple Hair

I actually wore this wig to work and I got so many compliments on it, like you would not believe how many compliments I got on this wig. I even pulled up to the bank and the lady was like OMG I love that hair.  So the wig does not look like you are going to an anime concert.  The color is there, but it is relatively tamed.

I also love the feel of the hair. When I felt the hair, I thought it could have been a human hair blend because it felt that realistic.  It is 100% synthetic hair, but you can also use heat on it and style it, which is good.

Bobbi Boss Wig Review (Chanel) ~ Blue/ Purple Hair

As always the wig comes in more colors than the wig I got. If you are not feeling as bold as me you can always chose a different color, but you have to admit that this hair is so fire.

You can purchase the wig here. And view the video below to see my full wig review


Bobbi Boss Wig Review (Chanel) ~ Blue Purple Hair

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