Purple Hair! Freetress Folami Wig Review In OTDKPU

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I was sent this Freetress Folami Wig From from Divatress.com to review. Click here to get the wig.  Everyone knows that I love color. And in case you don’t know here are some of my other post that I have on colored hair.

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And the above are just to name a few. Surf my site a bit and you will see the obsession that I have with color hair. As of lately, I have been really feeling purple hair or blue hair lately.  Which is why I chose this Freetress Folami Wig.  As with most wigs I choose the styles is not what leads me to the wig, more so the color.

Purple Hair! Freetress Folami Wig Review In OTDKPU

The color of this wig is OTDKPU, which is a nice word for purple.  The wigs color does not have an overbearing purple color but it is more like purple highlights mixed with a black color.  When I first looked at the wig in the packaging I barley saw the purple.  But when I took it out, I notice the purple much more; but it was still not as purple as I would have liked.  The color in the wig was pretty tamed with was something that I did not want.  But once I tried on the wig I liked it alot more than I thought I would.

The wig is a synthetic wig and the look of the hair just seemed like it would be a very rough yaki texture. However, when I tried on the wig, the hair was soft and I loved the natural curls in it.  The wig is safe for up to 400F.  Although I love the wig as is, I could also see myself wanting to straighten the wig.  I think that once heat is applied to it, the wig would look more silky instead of appearing to be rough.

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Check out my video below to see the full wig review.