Zury Sis Nana In Indigo Blue ~ Blue Curly Wig Review.

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Zury Sis Wig Review Nana In The Color Indigo Blue

To be honest the Zury Sis Wig is not my favorite brand of wigs.  I received this curly blue wig from Divatress.com. I have really been feeling dark blue hair lately and I have been on a mission to find a curly blue wig and this Zury Sis Wig was the only blue curly wig that came come to what I was looking for.

To get into the specs of the wig, this wig is synthetic, which often times for curly wigs is better.  Because the curls will hold longer over human hair and you can save yourself some money.

Overall, this Zury Sis Wig is a good quality wig for the most part. A down side is that the when removing the hair from the package, it felt very “plastic.”  This wig does come in many colors, so you do not have to get blue if you don’t want to.  I knew that when I opened this wig that there was an art to making them look good. It is very rare that you can just wear a curly wig right out of the package, most of the times you need to fluff the curls out.

Zury Sis Wig Review Nana In The Color Indigo Blue


First, here is the info about the wig. It is a Zury Sis wig (Swiss lace front) and the name is Nana, in the color indigo blue.  Right out of the packing as with most curly wigs, the curls are very flat and they require a lot of combing out. The part is supposed to be pre-tweezed, but the part did not look like a pre-tweezed part.  You can do some additional tweezing (click my blog here on how to make your wig look more real).  In this case, I just wore the wig as is.  It is so curly that you barely notice the part looking fake.  In addition, although the Zury Sis wig, says that it is lace front.  It is not.  There is no lace to cut off and you cannot wear it back, like you would a normal lace front wig.

Zury Sis Wig Review Nana In The Color Indigo Blue


Once I completed the combing out process, the hair was very misshaped and had no type of style to it at all. That is when your own styling comes into play.  I had to take the scissors and cut the hair in a way that fit my face.  The good thing about curly wigs in general is that it is really hard to mess them up when you cut them. So unless you just go hacking crazy with the scissors you can just fluff the hair out to cover any mishaps you have.

You can click to get the wig here.

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Check out my video below to see the Zury Sis Wig Review and to see how I styled the wig.

Curly Blue Wig! Zury Sis Wig Review (Nana- Indigo Blue)