Step By Step Guide On How To Walk in Heels For Beginners

Learn To Walk In Heels No Matter How High

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I remember as I walked in 6-inch heels on a jagged side walk just like I was on the runway of Italian Vogue, I saw a woman struggling in heels trying to make her way back to her car. I heard her friend whisper, “see, you need to learn to walk like that.” Of course, I took it as a compliment because many women want to learn how to walk in heels but don’t know how.  It is a lot harder than it looks.  Most women fear that they will look foolish or fall down on their face.  But there is an art to learning how to walk in heels that I am happy to share with all of you.

So here is some advice from you to me on how to make your life a whole lot easier and give you step by step directions so that you can learn how to walk in heels.

Step 1: Start with a Lower Wedge

If you are a beginner to wearing heels then start with a very low wedge heel. Having a thicker wedge heel helps you keep your balance. Since the heel is distributed evenly it gives your foot the illusion that it is still on a l somewhat level surface.

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Step 2: Start with a low-level skinny heel.

This heel is not like the low-level wedge heel, it will require some awareness since the heel is located on the back part of your foot. However, since the heel is so low it will not throw you off balance too much and it will get your body accustomed wearing heels.

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Step 3: Higher Wedge Heels

The next step is to move up in heel size but it is much easier to start with a wedge heel that is higher than the heel in step two. It is more difficult for you to be knocked off balance because once again your weight is distributed more evenly over the heel.

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Step 4: Higher Heels with a flat surface (The Thick Heel)

With a thicker shoe heel, it will take some skill to balance but at this point it should be easier for you to get comfortable. The thicker heel does not provide you as much support as a wedged heel BUT the heel is still flat and it is easier to keep your balance in them.

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Step 5: The Stiletto

This heel is harder to master, but since you have slowly worked your way up you should have a better sense of balance. Once I made it to this stage I was walking in stilettos on cobblestone like I was on the runway, and nobody could not tell me anything.  Since the stiletto heel is high and is thin, you have to learn how to walk and distribute your weight evenly so that you do not fall and trip.  You should practice in the house first to make sure you have your balance and feel comfortable.  Also wear them for only a few hours a day at first.  It will take your feet time to get use to wearing heels for a full eight hours.

Now that you have learned how to walk in heels, you can be the master at any shoe you want in and feel comfortable doing so. I would love to know what your struggle in heels have been.

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