Cheap Human Hair! Saga Remy Human Hair Review $20 per pack!

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Cheap Human Hair! Saga Remy Human Hair Review $20 per pack!

Cheap human hair is not impossible to find. Hair is one of those things that I am passionate about. The goal is to always to find cheap human hair and that is good quality. Well at least for me it, who doesn’t want to save money. Typically, I tend to order human hair through online vendors because it is better quality.

The down side of that is that it is more expensive, you never know what you are going to get, and with the red hair in particular, with outside vendors the hair can bleed all over your shirt. Plus often time with online venders, it is like playing Russian roulette, what you receive is not what is advertised. Sometimes the human hair that they send is just plan trash. You can check out my video on a hot mess wig I got, that was not as advertise here.  And then you will what I mean.

Which is why it can be important to see and feel the human hair in person. I walked into the beauty supply store as my regular routine and saw this hair on the manikin. This  Saga Remy human hair caught my eye and I noticed that not only was the red hair color FIRE but the look and the feel so of the hair is what impressed me as well.

Cheap Human Hair! Saga Remy Human Hair Review $20 per pack!


The brand name of this hair is the Saga Mongolian Remy. I ended up getting four packs of hair (two packs in the color OT530 and 2 packs in OT99J).  Both colors impressed me equally and I decided to mix the two just to give it more of a dimension. I decided to do a sew in with the hair and I used about three packs on my hair. (Click here to get the hair).

I also bought a closure (Outre Velvet Closure 12 inch) from the beauty supply store. With the beauty supply store closure, typically, they are not free part closures and the closure has to stay parted where the default part is (Click here to read more on closures). The good thing about this part is that it looks realistic but the down is obviously that it is not a free part closure.  I went with a store bought closure because I wanted it to match the hair color that matched the Saga hair color without chancing it online.  The color of this closure it D425 so although it is not the exact color, I did feel like this color matched pretty well.  (Click here to get the closure).

Cheap Human Hair! Saga Remy Human Hair Review $20 per pack!



Even with the color being red, it did not bleed all over my shirt and the human hair was good quality in the fact that I wand curled it and it curled really well. I kept the hair in for about 3 weeks and toward the end, I noticed it getting frizzier.  At that point it require a lot of flat ironing to keep it looking decent.

Cheap Human Hair! Saga Remy Human Hair Review $20 per pack!


All and all this hair is a great buy for $20 something per pack.

Other items I used for my sew in are

A needle and thread combination pack (Click here to buy).

Funny story as I cut out the sew in, I accidently cut off my hair. I cut right through my braid underneath in the front of my hair.  Do not be like me. Be careful!

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Cheap Human Hair! Saga Remy Human Hair Review $20 per pack!

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