5 Valuable Dating Tips For Single Christian Women

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5 Valuable Dating Tips For Single Christian Women

For Single Christian Women, there is regular dating and then there is godly dating, and I hope as a Christian woman you would want a godly relationship over just any ole relationship. The sole purpose of a relationship is for it to be a good one, who has time to sit around in a relationship that in on a road to know where.

So here 5 dating Tips For Single Christian Women

Someone who shares your beliefs.

Granted each person may not worship the same or have the exact level of spirituality, but in Christian dating you should at least be dating someone that is Christian. The whole point of having a godly relationship is that God will be in the center of your relationship.  It is going to be hard to have a godly relationship with someone who does not believe in God.  That is why it is important to have someone who is equally yoked with you (see my blog here).

No sex AKA Celibacy

I am going to just say it, Single Christian women, you are going to have to stop a few things. And sex outside of marriage in one of those things.  We know it’s wrong, God says its wrong, but more than anything, not engaging in sex outside of marriage is for your benefit.  Without sex, you rid yourself of lust and you can see the person for who they really are.  Sex can confuse things and sex can make you think that you are in love with someone when really you are just in lust.  You want a true connection with someone not just a connection that starts and ends in the bedroom. You can check out my blog on how to keep celibate in a relationship. 

Do not put yourself in a compromising position

5 Valuable Dating Tips For Single Christian WomenI spoke about this before in past blog (click here). The best Christian dating advice that I can give you, is that you need to be intentional about the no so sex rule.  There is no verbally saying that you do not want to have sex and in the same breath you go to his house at 11 p.m, with a bottle of vodka in your hand.  You already know where situations like that will lead.

And when it leads to sex, the “oops it just happened” is not an excuse, when you put yourself in that position in the first place.  I cannot tell you what you can and cannot do exactly because each person’s temperament is different.  Some people can hang out one on one and not have sex and someone people that once they are alone they cannot help themselves.

However, you should know your triggers and you should just use common sense.  If you know you will be tempted to have sex when going on a vacation with a man even if you book separate rooms, then don’t go.  And common sense is not laying in a man’s bed half naked to watch television at 2am in the morning.  More often than not, that situation will lead to sex.  So just be intentional about the situations you put yourself in.

Practice What You Preach

One of the worst things a Christian woman can do is not be who she says she is (see my blog here). If you say, you want to be abstain from sex and then at every chance you get you “accidentally” sleep with a man, the man may sleep with you but really he is losing respect for you.  He is thinking that you are telling him one thing but you are doing another.  And if you are like that with God, then you must be like that in other areas of your life.  We have all seen Christian single women who want to be godly one day and the next day their not.

I know your deeds; you are neither cold nor hot. How I wish you were one or the other. So because you are lukewarm — neither hot nor cold — I am about to spit you out of My mouth!Revelations 3:15-16

All this means is that if you are a godly woman then be a godly woman if you are in unbeliever then be that, but do not be both. Choose a side.  There is nothing worse than a woman saying that she is godly, but deep down she is a Jezebel.  It will make you look fake and it will be hard for any man to trust you, if are not who you portray yourself to be.

Pray about it

The wonderful thing about Christian dating is that you are trying to do things God way and as a Christian you have the ability to pray and talk to God about any situation. If you are wondering, what a man’s intentions are or if you should give him the time of day, then pray about it and God will reveal the answer to you.  Also, pray before you go out, pray that you don’t get tempted, and pray that you do not do anything that will compromise yourself.  Pray about a man’s intentions for you.  These are things you want to know.  I get that  single Christian women want to date and they want to find the one, but more than anything you do not want to waste your time on someone that is never going to work out anyway.  That is why it is important to get God in the middle of your decisions, when it comes to Christian dating.

5 Valuable Dating Tips For Single Christian Women