Shoulder Length And Bob Affordable Wig Look Book

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Typically, I prefer long wigs, but I can also appreciate a shorter cut too. Or should I say a mid-shoulder length cut.  I think shorter cuts makes me look more mature and let’s face it, it is just good to experiment with different lengths of hair.  So here is a look book of the shoulder length and bob wigs that I have been rocking.

Wig 1: BobbiBoss Lace Front Wig – COPPER (1 )

When I first tried on this wig, I was not in love with it. Because I am short, I have a shorter neck and the wig was too long on me.  So all I did to this wig was cut it evenly all the way around, to the shoulders, and I liked the wig much better.  I got many compliments on it. One person at work said it make me look high fashion!  I do not know about that, but it was a really good compliment to say the least.  My most favorite thing about this wig is the hair.  This wig is a human hair fiber wig, and the feel of the hair was just so nice, it had a lot of body to it.  I used a flat iron after I cut it to bump it under and it took heat really well.

Some of the colors it comes in.

Wig 2: Freetress Equal Deep Invisible “L” Part Lace Front Wig HANIA (99J)

I hated this wig when I first tried it on. Even now, it is not really my favorite.  I do love the color of this wig, but the hair texture is so rough and yaky textured.  The hair has no movement whatsoever.  The wig is heat resistance up to 400F.  So to help smooth the hair I did go ahead and flat iron it which gave the hair a more desired effect.

Some of the other colors it comes in

Wig 3:Outre Synthetic Hair Lace Front Wig Swiss Lace L Part Keri  (1)

Out of all of the wigs that I displayed I think that this one is my favorite. I love the cut of this hair from front to back, it is just so perfect.  I love the deep side part and the side bang and the waves that come in the hair.  The only thing I had to do to this wig was take it out of the package, cut off the lace, comb it a little bit, and wear it.

Some of the other colors it comes in

Wig 4: Freetress Equal 3 Way Part Synthetic Lace Front Wig – ChanningOH27/30/613

This is a three way part wig, but I have not had a chance to use all of the parting yet. I do love the color on this wig, but I have not decided if I love the wig on me yet.  Even as I tried on the wig, I could already tell that it needs a lot of playing with in order to get the wig like you like it.

Here some colors it comes in

Wig 5: Vivica A Fox Hair Collection Tori (1)

This wig looks a lot like the Outre wig above. I bought the two wigs together with the intent of doing a comparison video.  But really they look so much alike, that I thought it would be pointless.   For this reason, I regret getting them in the same color because now it just looks like I have two of the same types of wig.  What I do love about this wig over the wig above is the feel of the hair.  The hair is really soft, bouncy, and feels a lot like human hair. But if I had to choose this one or the Outre wig,  I like the Outre wig over all, because I feel that it does better with the cut and the overall style of the hair.  But this one still gets an honorable mention.

Here are the colors

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