A Step By Step Guide On How To Putting On Fake Nails

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I used to always go to the nail shop and get my nails done. For the past few years I have not really had the time to go to the shop and I did not really want to even spend the money to always go to the shop.  Because going to the shop meant that you have to go every two weeks for a fill in once your nails started growing out.  It started to become an expensive habit.

Fake nails have come a long way in the world. There are designs that are more versatile and they pop right off when you are ready for a new style.  Plus when you want to go somewhere nice you do not have to go to the shop to get your nails done, you can just do it right there from your own home.

Applying fake nails can seem more intimidating then what it looks. It is really quite simple.  So before we get into the tutorial, let me tell you that these nails are nice. They lasted for about two weeks, which are good for fake nails and these nails are re-usable.  Which they should be, because they came from Sephora and were quite pricey.  (click here to buy).

Step One

The first thing you want to do is prep your nails. Prepping your nails include wiping them off with an alcohol wipe and pushing down your cuticle. There are instruments for pushing down your cuticle you can try

Getting a metal cuticle pusher which will last you longer (click here).

Or a wooden ones (click here to buy)

Both of them are under $10 so it is just your preference.

Step Two

Once your cuticle is pushed back, you want to file over your nails. This particular set came with a small file.  The reason why you want to file over your nails is to give the nails a flatter surface and this will also help the fake nail stay one.

Step Three

Size your nail first. Pick the nail that is the closest to your actually nail size as possible.  Also in this particular set, it came with two accent nails.  Since there were, only two you also want to size those first to see which nails they fit on.  On the pack the accent nails fit on the pointer finger.  Mine fit on my ring finger.  I would have really sucked if I started to glue on the nails assuming that the accent nails goes on pointer finger, only to find out it did not fit.  That is why it is important to size before gluing.

Step Four

This set also came with nail glue. Like I said before this set lasted for about two weeks so this was some really good nail glue.  I apply the glue to the nail, slide the nail under the cuticle, and then press it for about 30 seconds to make sure the nails stays in place.

And that is it. Here is the finished look.

Here are also some other nails that have tried. The Sephora nails were a little bit of a splurge (click here to buy) but most sets are not that expensive.

Below are some affordable ones, most under $10.

  1. KISS imPRESS “LIGHTEN UP” Short OVAL Length by Broadway Press-On Manicure Nails
  2. Kiss Gel Fantasy Ready-to-Wear Gel Nails
  3. Fing’rs Prints Ghoulish Glam Vampy Vixen 

KISS imPRESS “FLASH MOB” by Broadway Press-On Manicure Nails

Kiss Gold Finger Limited Edition Matte Finish Stiletto Style 

NEW Kiss Nails GEL FANTASY  (RUSH HOUR) Medium Design Nails

Kiss Nails GEL FANTASY TO THE MAX Medium Design Nails

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