Choose These 5 Healthy Snack Ideas Over Chips

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Choose These 5 Healthy Snack Ideas Over Chips

Looking for healthy snack ideas have become my mission every since I have decided to eat healthier. I have decided to more intentional and dedicated to living a healthier lifestyle. I think that it is so easy to reach for a bag of chips when you want something to snack on and be done with it. And even though the bag of chips do not seem like a big deal, I have learned that when eating healthy all things count.

Eating healthy all day and then eating 4 bag of chips on top of it can really ruin a diet or weight lost plan. I also understand wanting to in your kitchen and reach for a snack. Because in a way, snacking can be a habit.  But fear not! You do not have to give up your snacking habits; you can just choose healthy snacks.

Choose These 5 Healthy Snack Ideas Over Chips (contains affiliate links)

Healthy Snack Idea – Sea Weed

5 Healthy Snack Ideas You Should Choose Over Chips

I love seaweed, and my favorite kind is the one from Trader Joes. I typically buy them in huge bundles so that I can snack on them all day.  They give you a crunchy feel like chips but without the calories.  Typically, each pack contacts between 25-35 calories.  It is also low sodium and packed with nutrients. Often time the seaweed is lightly salted and can come in a few flavors just to give you variation.  I eat several packs a day and I still lost weight. This was my primary snack when I lost 6 pounds in one week (click here to read that blog).


Healthy Snack Idea – Kale Chips

5 Healthy Snack Ideas You Should Choose Over Chips

You can make them or buy them. I personally make mine most of the time and all I use it Kale, oil, sea salt, and an oven.  But if you want a quicker method you can just buy them. Often times the store bought Kale chips have cashews in them and some even have vegan cheese or other flavors.  I prefer to have mine plain, but you do have other flavor choices as well. This once again is my favorite snack. I have come to love it and it is packed with iron.  I have suffered with anemia for a very long time because I am bad at getting iron. But this is a good way to incorporate Iron into your diet.

5 Healthy Snack Ideas You Should Choose Over Chips

Healthy Snack Idea – Trader Joe’s Crispy and Crunch Broccoli Florets

5 Healthy Snack Ideas You Should Choose Over Chips

I get these from Trader Joes sometimes just to switch it up. It is pretty much just dried broccoli mixed with salt and oil.  Not too many ingredients.  For that reason, it is a really good snack.  I will admit that this snack is one of my least favorites as far as the taste.  But that is because I am not a huge fan of broccoli.  I will eat them and often times I will put them on my salad or something for an added crunch.


Healthy Snack Idea – Banana Chips

In case you are craving something sweet, then banana chips can be a good option. These are just dried banana’s that are sweetened with coconut oil and a small amount of sugar.  These banana chips have multivitamins, are cholesterol-free, and packed with potassium, iron, fiber and antioxidants.


Healthy Snack Idea – Edamame


I love edamame. Typically, I like to get the pods and just take them out and make them on my own. I like to add salt, butter, and sometimes a little parmesan cheese. However, you can buy them already prepared too.  Edamame is the premature soybeans and has many health benefits to them.


See eating healthy can be fun and eventful and as you notice many of these snacks actually have benefits to them since they are fruit and veggie based. Which is better than just eating chips that give you little to no benefit.  So feel free to snack away.

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5 Healthy Snack Ideas You Should Choose Over Chips