Battle of the Short Wigs ~ A Review On Short Wigs for Black Women

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Battle of the Short Wigs ~ Celia Vs. Yuli

Searching the internet for short wigs for black women, but you want to see what some look like first before you commit to buying? You have found the right blog that can help you out. Welcome to battle of the short wigs part two.  In a previous post I told you I wanted to try out more short styled wigs and I reviewed two other short wigs on battle of the short wigs part one (click here for the previous blog).

Short wigs for black women in my experience can be very flattering. But as with all wigs, the wig must be right. My first experience with short wigs was a positive one for the most part which is why I decided to allow my obsession with short wigs continue.  One of the main cons of the short wigs I reviewed in part one was that neither of them at a part in them, which gave the wig a more unrealistic look and it was hard to tell where the wig should be parted. Which led me to venture into two more short wigs, and both of these wigs I love a whole lot better than the first two I reviewed.

Battle of the Short Wigs ~ A Review On Short Wigs for Black Women

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This wig reminds me of a 90’s T-boz from TLC. In both the color and the cut.  I gave this wig about 7 out of 10.  I do like the wig, I love the color, and I love the lace parting.  However the parting did not look very realistic.  The part should have been wider.  That can be easily fixed by plucking the part yourself so it was not a big deal.  In addition, because it was not a lace front wig, it seems more difficult to blend in your edges with the wig.  One again not an impossible fix, it is just going to take a big more work. (Click here to purchase)

Battle of the Short Wigs ~ Celia Vs. Yuli

I normally am not tamed when it comes to wig colors. But the wigs were short to I decided to be normal. But this wig does come in a lot of other colors as well.


Short Wigs for Black Women FreeTress Equal Synthetic Extreme Side Part Full Wig Celia: FORESTGREEN

Out of the two wigs, this wig was my favorite. I really loved this wig and when I wore it to work, I got a lot of compliments on it.  In my YouTube video I rated the wig a 7 out of 10 but upon further review, I would rate it a 9 out of 10.  My only complaint with this wig are some of the complaints that I had about the other wig.  Since it is not a lace front wig, it is difficult to blend the edges and the part could look use some plucking to make it look realistic.  I got this color in forest green, and I wish the color had been more vibrant because you can barely tell it is green. (Click here to purchase).

Battle of the Short Wigs ~ Celia Vs. Yuli


And this wig gets better in other colors, look below to check some of them out.

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For the full review on the wig check out my video review below.

If you are looking for more short wig ideas, check out my video on first short wig review. Fab Fringe Vs. Charlie

Battle of the Short Wigs ~ Celia Vs. Yuli


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