Pigmented Eye shadows Juvia’s Place Nubian 2 Palette and Masquerade Palette Review and Swatches

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These make up palettes are giving me life. I actually found out about these by accident. I saw them on someone’s Instagram feed and thought that the palettes were really amazing and pigmented and so I decided to try Juvia Place.  I will admit that these palettes were a little bit more expensive than I would have liked.  But the makeup is good quality and the palettes were a lot bigger than what I thought it was going to be.

I do not know much about the Juvia Company aside from things listed on their site. Such as them being animal and cruelty free and that they have African inspired palettes, which I personally like.

My first purchase from the company were two palettes the Nubian 2 and the Masquerade.

The Nubian 2 palette

Since there is a Nubian 2 palette then there is also a Nubian palette, which I opted not to get. I personally liked the colors of the Nubian 2 palette better.  The collection was inspired by Nefertiti, which according to Juvia was a beauty icon known for her outstanding beauty, strength and spirituality.  This palette features four matte colors and eight metallic colors.



I like the fact that this palette had theme that it played of off. You can tell from the outside of the palette from the names in which the colors of the palette are given.  All of the colors seem to be given an African type name or some neat cultural name like the color Jezebel.  Which I thought was creative. My favorite colors of the palette are Jezebel, Leyla, Zuri, and Cleopatra.

The tones are more of earth tones to me. Which is the look that I created when I wore this palette.  More of a neutral type of look and I used the metallic eyeshadow to because I liked the sparkle.


Check out some other make looks I found on this palette


The Masquerade Palette

This is my favorite palette of the two. It has a lot of vibrant colors in it as well as some neutral shades.  African Festivities inspired the pallet.  The bold colors are to represent costumes used in the festivals and the nude and browns represent the African soil and environments.


Once again, I enjoy the fact that this palette has a theme to it and a back-story behind it. I know it is just make up, but it cool when the makeup is inspired by something and it is not just your typical palette.  These shades are super pigmented and will work on any skin tone.  No matter how light or how dark you are these shades will show up, especially if you use primer. My favorite colors of this palette are Chi, Zobo, Giza, and Makeda

I have not gotten a chance to really experiment with this palette and have just came up with a basic everyday look. P.S If you are feeling my gray hair in the picture below check out my blog on the review of the hair and click here to get this wig.



However, you can check out these awesome looks below on what can be done with the palette.


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2 Comments on Pigmented Eye shadows Juvia’s Place Nubian 2 Palette and Masquerade Palette Review and Swatches

  1. I have the mascarade palette and I agree – the pigmentation and color payoff on these are INCREDIBLE! And the price is amazing, too!

  2. The vibrant shades are stunning! I need to learn how to do mine this well.

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