What’s In My January Boxy Charm Box (Unboxing and Review)

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So I decided to add Boxy Charm to my long list of subscription boxes that I want to try this year. And as soon as I got my box I decided to cancel the subscription the next day.  Unlike Ipsy (check out my January bag here) and Birchbox you cannot customize the things you get.  So what I was left with was a bunch of things that I did not want.  That added on top of the fact that Boxy Charm cost $21, this box was a big no thank you to me.

What Boxy Charm does boast about is that they give you 5 full size products. Which I felt was a positive, but if your box is a miss then you have 5 full size things of products you don’t want.

So any way without further complaining and ranting from me. Here is what came in my first and last Boxy Charm Box.

Oscar Blandi – Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray 

So this was my least favorite product. I have heard good things about dry shampoo, but to be honest I am black and I have natural hair.  So I knew that this was not going to work for me.  Just for kicks.  I did try it out.  And there was a white residue left on my hair and my hair did not look nice at all.  So personally this product was not for me.


Crown – Soft Fan Brush SS017

I did like this brush. When you give me a brush, there is no going wrong.  What surprised me about this brush is that it retails for $12.99.  I feel like that is pretty expensive for a brush, and I am not sure the brush is that amazing that I would pay $13 for it.  But all and all I use the brush and it works fine.  And it is one of the items that I do not mind having this month.  Not really a must have.


 Vintage Highlighter Double

You cannot go wrong with a highlighter. I like this highlighter and it shows up pretty well on my skin.  It is decently pigmented and I can use my new $13 fan brush that I got to apply it.  It comes with two highlighters.  The pink color I received, it not as pigmented on my skin, but it shows up and a small highlight.  This is my favorite items of the bunch.

PÜR – Château Cheek Stain

Speaking of favorite things, this is my second favorite thing. I like blush or any type of dark pink cheek stain.  My only issue with this, is that it is very oily which makes me nervous to put on my face.  All and all I do like the color.

Adesse – Ultra Suede Matte Top Coat

This is an interesting invention. I am not huge on a top coat, but the idea of this polish is that if you put it over any polish it will turn matte.  I have not had a chance to try it out yet, because I have been rocking fake nails lately.  But that should tell you, how much I am in a rush to try out this product, if it is just sitting in my room doing nothing.

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  1. Hilarious that you got blonde dry shampoo! This company will have to adjust their options, beauty is never one size fits all! I feel lucky I was warned away from this box. Thanks!!!

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