Battle of the Short Wigs ~ Fab Fringe And Charlie

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Battle of the Short Wigs ~ Fab Fringe And Charlie

Here is the battle of the short wigs. I also have a battle of the short wigs part two (click here to check it out).  At first I was very nervous about trying a short wig.  It the wig is too tapered it can be very hard to make them look realistic.  Because your real hair is still underneath the wig and you have to lay your real hair as flat as possible in order for the wig to look good.

In this battle of the short wigs I will be comparing to very similar wigs but I got them in different colors.  Since the wigs are so similar I did not want to have to very identical short wigs.  As far as the pricing both the Fab Fringe Wig by Sensationnel and the Freetress Charlie Wig are super affordable.

My main grip however about both of these short wigs is the closures. If you are confused about what a closure is you can click here for my blog on that.  I typically like realistic closure that have a part in them.  Both these wigs had circle closures at the top more like a duby closure.  Which to me makes it looks more like a wigs and you have a hard time telling were to part the wig, since there is not designated part.

Now lets get into the Battle of the Short Wigs and Talk about Each Wig Individually

Sensationnel Bump Human Hair Wig Fab Fringe In the Color 1B

Battle of the Short Wigs ~ Fab Fringe And Charlie

The Fab Fringe wig (click here to buy) I was not sure about when I first put it on. I guess I just was not use to having short hair.  I was not feeling it at first, but when I went out in public with it, I got so many compliments on it.  Even from people I did not know.  So I grew to love this wig.  Another plus about this wig is that it is human hair. Which means that you can style it like human hair and for a wig to be under $20 and it is human hair, can we say winning.  Having human hair makes the wig easier to curl and style and gives it a more realistic feel….since it is actual human hair.  The wig also comes in so many colors.  Since I like this wig so much I was thinking about going back and getting some more of the colors, maybe even the pink.

  Click here if you want to see more on this wig or purchase it. Check out the other colors below.

Battle of the Short Wigs ~ Fab Fringe And Charlie


FreeTress Equal Synthetic Hair Wig Charlie in the color OM2730613

Battle of the Short Wigs ~ Fab Fringe And Charlie


This is the Freetress Charlie Wig (Click here to buy). I typically am a huge fan of Freetress wigs. But what they had going on with this wig I cannot even tell you.  This is my short wig nightmare, it looked horrible on me.  But this may be an isolated incident since I have seen many other wig reviews on this hair and the wig looks amazing on them.  Maybe it is the color I chose but to me it looks a mess.  Mainly because the side that was shorter did not blend well with the rest of the hair and like I mentioned above the parting was all of.  To be fair, this wig comes in many colors. So I feel like I just chose the wrong color to go with my face.  This wigs reminds me of a wig my grandma would wear.  I love my grandma and she is stylish, but I do not want to look like her.

This wig is synthetic hair, unlike the Fab Fringe, but can take up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit worth of heat, which is promising.  The picture that you see is the picture of it right out of the box, I am confident that I can curl it or play with it and make it look a little better.  I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.  I also have not gotten around to wearing this wig outside, because I just do not feel comfortable in it.  So I cannot tell you what the overall consensus of the wig is from other people.

If you want  to purchase this wig, click here. And Check out the other colors in comes in below.


Battle of the Short Wigs ~ Fab Fringe And Charlie


 To Check out the full battle of the short wig review you can also watch me video below.  Don’t forget to subscribe to me channel. 

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Battle of the Short Wigs ~ Fab Fringe And Charlie



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