5 Must Have Books To Read For Entrepreneurs

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5 Must Have Books To Read For Entrepreneurs

Books to read for entrepreneurs does not always have to be about how to start a business.  The best motivation for success that you can get are for people who are successful and have gone through things, and still come out successful despite what they have gone through.  So often when we want to be successful or are on the path to purpose it seems like we will never get there.  We see other people doing what we wonder why it is so easy for them, when really the most successful people have gone through a lot of hardship to get where they are.  Which is why I am recommending these 5 books books to read for entrepreneurs. It is better to read about entrepreneurs and get advice from them because it will give you motivation that if they can do it. So can you. These books are in no particular order as I love all of them.

5 Must Read Books To Read For Entrepreneurs

1. Born A Crime

I love this book. As an American I can admit my ignorance. Sometimes being isolated over here in the western world can make us so oblivious to the struggles of the rest of the world.  I was not even really sure what apartheid was before reading this book (I know ignorant right).  More than anything, you see the author Trevor Noah go through tremendous struggles and life lessons and he has somehow beaten all the odds and is now the host of the Daily Show. This book is great to read, if you every feel sorry for yourself, read this book.  If you are starting from the bottom up, read this book.  Not only will it help you not to feel sorry for yourself, but it will help you see that if this guy got his start from selling burnt CD’s, then you can make it too.

5 Must Have Books To Read For Entrepreneurs

2. Silent Seasons: Trusting God When You Don’t Understand 

I am a huge fan of Heather Lindsey. I have been following her for several years and she is the definition of a hard worker.  Her book reminds us that sometimes we see people at the top and forget the struggles people had to go through in order to get where they are.  This books teaches you about understanding the season you are in, and it is through those silent seasons (when it seems like nothing is happening) that a lot is happening and to remain faithful in your purpose despite not seeing any fruition of your success; yet that is.

5 Must Have Books To Read For Entrepreneurs


3. Jump and 4.  Act Like a Success Think Like a Success

I am a Steve Harvey fan and I have read all of his books. And since he wrote both of these books I figured that I would go ahead and lump them together.  I personally like Act like a Success Think Like a Success Better.  It is more along the lines of motivation, advice, and tips you can do to be successful.  The Jump book, gives a more personal account of Steve Harvey and what he went through in order to get where he is today.  It teaches us to take a leap of faith (See my blog here for more on this topic). You learn how hard someone really needs to work in order to make their dreams come true, because he has worked hard.  I have learned to Whom Much Is Given Much is Required (see my blog here). And Steve Harvey in a prime example of that and as well all know his efforts have paid off.

5 Must Have Books To Read For Entrepreneurs


5. How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life

This book is by Superwoman or Lilly Singh, famous YouTuber.  I am in love with this book. I watched her videos from YouTube and reading her book just made me love her even more.  Her book is funny and she gives real sound advice on what it takes to be successful in life living way.  Her key to success is to work hard and to set boundaries for yourself.  After reading this book you will want to work harder not only because she does it but she will call you out if you are not working hard enough.  The book is also filled with nice exercises and pictures.

5 Must Have Books To Read For Entrepreneurs

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5 Must Have Books To Read For Entrepreneurs


  1. This is great! I definitely want to read the Dream Chaser and the Win At Losing..sometimes you need those inspirational books to get you to pick yourself up and dust yourself off!

  2. I have read a couple of these, but I haven’t read Trevor Noah’s book. I absolutely love Trevor Noah, he is one of the funniest and most intelligent people around.

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