What’s In My Ipsy Glam Bag. January 2017.

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This month was the first month that I received my Ipsy bag, which is a monthly subscription service of beauty products. What I love about Ipsy is that you can chose the things that you want to get and they tailor the products to you. Which is important because I do not want a lot of things that I do not want or need.  In any case when I got my bag for this month I was pleasantly surprised because I will use all the things that are in it.

The Bag:

Check out the bag. With Ipsy, you get a new bag each month which I feel like is another product in itself. You  have eyes to look at the bag so I won’t bore you with trying to describe it.



Products in the bag

Manna Kadar Cosmetics Paradise Highly Pigmented Blush Shadow

I promise you, I love this blush. I mean I really do.  It is not only pigmented but it has this shimmer metallic highlight to it AND it shows up on my skin.  Even if you are darker toned, do not be afraid on pink or red blush it looks really good if you have the right shade.  And this blush is the right shade.


NOTE Fragrances Pink Peony Eau de Parfum

This perfume smells good. It puts me in the mind of a scent that you can get from Bath and Body works or something, so I do not know if I would splurge and actually buy the perfume.  It smells like a tropical scent.  It is not my favorite because I typically do not like smelling like flowers.  But it smells good enough for me to wear it or take it as a travel size perfume when I am going somewhere.


Trust Fund Beauty Lip Gloss Blame Game

So this lip gloss is more like a nude color on my lip. It does not have a scent, it is a pretty decent size, but it is really just lip-gloss.  It is not super pigmented in my opinion so it is not anything to really write home about.


TEMPTU Base Smooth & Matte Primer

I have not tried this primer. But there are two things that are kind of the same to me.  Primer and mascara.  No matter what they claim to do, they all seem the same to me.  All mascaras look the same and all primers look the same.  Which is why I will use it, but I do not expect to be in awe of it.  It is just primer.  Either it works or it doesn’t.


Naked Cosmetics Mica Pigment in Desert Sunset #02

This is a pretty pigmented eyeshadow. And I would rock it as a highlighter. That is how much I love the color and it is versatile.


Check out my full video on my January Ipsy Bag Below.






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  1. I always love seeing what is inside those monthly boxes. Thanks for sharing it with us. Seems like it was a great box this month!

    Celeste | ohhelloceleste.com

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