The First Shall Be Last And The Last Shall Be First

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The First Shall Be Last And The Last Shall Be First

The first shall be last and the last shall be first. I was reminded of what this statements really means as I was watching a video on Facebook.  If you read my blog it should not be a surprise that I can find inspiration or a life lessons though almost anything I look at. So yesterday when I saw this short video, I immediately thought about the first shall be last and the last shall be first.  So let me explain what I mean.

First here is the video.

The video depicts two women in a marathon about to hit the finish line. They join hands together in anticipation of crossing the finish line together and then all of a sudden out of a no where a third woman from the back runs past them and crosses the finish line before they do.

Life Lesson 1: The First Shall Be Last And The Last Shall Be First

Our first life lesson stems from the following verse

So those who are last now will be first then, and those who are first will be lThe First Shall Be Last And The Last Shall Be Firstast.” Matthew 20:16

Even though it may seem like you are behind and you are never going to catch up always remember that you can be first. So what people thought would not amount to anything, so what they thought you were out of the running for a promotion, so what people think that you have no chance in doing or achieving anything significant.  If that is what they think that is their problem.  Even though you may be in the back you always have a chance of pulling yourself to the front of the pack. With hard work and perseverance, you can be first.  And all the people that laughed at you and thought that you would never get ahead will be standing behind you in the finish line wondering what happened and how you pulled ahead of them.

Life Lesson 2: Never Give Up

If you look at the video, the woman from the back literally came from nowhere. She barely even made it to the finish line before the other two people did.  She could have slowed down, stop running, or said to herself that she was not going to make it.  But she didn’t.  She kept running, she ran harder and faster until she past the other two women up into the finish line.  My point is that as long as there is another day and as long as there is breath in your body do not give up.  Even if you failed, even if you are in the back, and even if you see no way to catch up.  Keep running, the finish line may be closer than you think and you may be the one to cross before everyone else. Even if other people seem closer.  The only way for you to fail is for you to stop trying. As long as you keep going your hard work will pay off (click here to read my blog for more)

Life Lesson 3: Never Get Too Complacent

This is for the lesson for the two women that thought they were going to run across the finish line hand in hand and celebrate. Their joy was quickly interpreted as someone swooped past them.  That is because they became complacent.  That is because

they thought they had the win in the bag. And as a results they slowed down in the end and someone else past them by.  That is why it is important for us to never become too complacent.  We must always keep working hard toward a goal.  Never think that you have something in the bag that you just slow down or stop working all together.  Because slowing down, may mean that you may loose the race.

Life Lesson 4: It’s Okay to Win and Not Feel Bad About It

How many of you watched this video and felt bad that the two women getting ready to cross the finish line hand in hand because the win got taken away from

The First Shall Be Last And The Last Shall Be First

them? But when you look at the joy on the third woman’s face how can you not celebrate with her?  She worked just as hard, she won fair and square, and she should not feel bad about it.  It is okay to stand out (read my post on how to be the exception and not the rule).  You cannot be afraid to show how smart you are and you cannot be afraid to win, just because it may hurt someone else’s feelings. Being afraid to stand out and pull in front of the pack, will keep you where you are and you will never move forward.  So if you are smart do not be afraid to show it, if you can run faster do not be afraid to show it, if you know you will get that promotion over your friend; then apply. Do not hold yourself back because you feel bad for other people.

The last shall be first, always remember that statement when you feel like nothing is going right for you and other people are always getting ahead.  Even if no one is on your side God can use anything to propel you to the first place position.

The First Shall Be Last And The Last Shall Be First


  1. Thank you for sharing for the past year I have been drawn to your blog and read it weekly now as I love the wisdom and life lessons you share.God bless you and yours.

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