January 2017- BeautyCon Beauty Box Subscription Review and First Impressions

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There are so many subscription boxes out there, that getting one can be a hit or miss. Sometimes they send products that you do not want and will never use.  And sometimes the boxes are awesome. When I saw that Beautycon had a beauty box services I was really excited because I have already heard of them before and was confident they would send me good products.

This is my first Beautycon box, and to be honest it is the most expensive subscription box that I get, costing about $29 per month. However, it is a box that only comes 4 times a years and when I got my box I was surprised at the amount of stuff that came in it.

Here is a quick look at what came in the box:

BeautyCon Beauty Box

Artist Contour Illuminati Glow Powder

So I am not sure if this an eye shadow or a highlighter or if you are to just put it anywhere that you want to put it. I have used it already as an eyeshadow. The color is really nice and super pigmented.  And for that reason I think it may be a little too light for me to try to use it as a highlighter, but over all a good product for all skin tones.


Biobelle- Botanic Fiber Facial Mask

I got the “after party mask.” I have not tried this mask yet but here are some of the claims that are supposed to happen with this mask.

  • Soothes and brightens to reveal beautiful, younger-looking skin.
  • Helps to diminish the appearance of breakouts.
  • Perfect skin recovery after late night events.
  • Helps to protect against environmental aggressors that can lead to dull, tired skin.
  • Moisturizes giving you a revitalized appearance.

2017-01-04-21-49-03-515All of these are things that I need so I will be using this mask soon.

Kate Somerville- ExfoliKate Intensive Treatment

 Another product I have yet to try. The bottle is a little small, I feel like the bottle looks more like a sample size.  But after looking online I see that this is a full size bottle. Even though I have not tried it, this is something the things the treatment says it can do.

  • Improvement in skin texture
  • Improvement in the appearance of pores
  • Improvement in the appearance of crow’s feet, fine lines, and wrinkles

Once again things that I need to happen to my skin, so another product I will fit into my rotation soon enough.

Skinvolve Body Karate Cream

Out of all of the products I have used this one the most. First of all, the size of this lotion is pretty big so it will last you a long time.  I just had smart lipo (see my blog post here on that) so I used this lotion to hydrate and tone my skin, since after the procedure my skin is darker than normal and loose.  I can say that in the short time that I have been using this lotion I have noticed a difference in my skins tightness, hydration, and tone. So it is a win for me.

Rimmel London- The Only 1 Surprise lip color

I think I can could count on one hand how many times I have bought Rimmel London. The shade of red looks a little light for my skin tone.  But I feel applying a lip liner that is darker will help balance it out.


ColourPop – Beautycon Exclusive Lipstick

This lipstick is supposed to be a natural shade. But on darker people not so much.  I can wear it, but I would need a brown lip liner to make is more suited to my skin tone.


Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing water

I am a huge fane of Garnier and the size of the bottle was pretty decent. I only used this water once to get off some Kylie Jenner Lipstick I tried (click my blog here to see a review on that). Random side note, Kylie Jenner lipstick is like glue to your lips, which is why I tried this make up remover.  The water works pretty decent and it has moisturizing effect to it.

2017-01-04-20-58-36-874Ali and Jay $50 Gift card

I have never heard of this place and from going on their site they look kind of expensive. But I have already decided that I will get an outfit on clearance and use my $50 gift card and I could probably get a dress for less than $20 that way.

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Primer and Voluminous Feline Mascara

So I never get the thing with mascara, they all feel the same to me. I have little to no eyelashes so that could be why I never see a massive improve on my eyelashes when using mascara.  I have used both the primer and the mascara and they were okay.  I cannot say I saw earth shattering results, but I would still use them both again.

Luxie Beauty- Rose Gold Tapered Highlighting Brush 522

I am always down to get a new brush. I have not tried this brush yet, but it seems like it is decent for a highlight.  In my opinion brushes start to look the same to me so I cannot say this is a life changing brush.  But I will take it.



Too Faced – Chocolate Soleil Matt Bronzer

This is a really mild bronzer. The bronzer is brown and I am brown, the bronzer is not really pigmented on me.  If I were to put it, it just looks like a small amount of shimmer on my skin.



All and all. I love the Beautycon Box and am satisfied with all the of items I got. I cannot see myself not using any of them.  I look forward to the next one.

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  1. I have to wear some long lasting lipsticks for dance performances and getting the color to fully wash away can be a problem. May have to try that cleansing water…

  2. I never had a box subscription of any kind. I’m thinking about giving them a try, since a lot of people are really excited about them.

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