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Ever since I discovered wigs I have been in love with them. At first I was afraid of them looking not natural.  But wigs, even synthetic wigs, have come up in the world.  I love wigs because you can change your hair without cutting or colori15871731_1560791740604018_6539565415527938937_nng your real hair.  So here are some of the wigs that I have been rocking lately.



Motown Tress Synthetic Wig Susie ST2/PURPLE

The first wig is one that I saw at the beauty supply store. On the picture the bangs on swooped to the side.  I thought that this looked pretty weird, so I ended up combing the bang forward, cutting them, and wearing the wig that way.  The color I got was purple which I love.  I think that purple and blue hair is in, but it has to be style in such a way that you do not look like a clown, which I feel this wig does.  Also, at the top notice the lace parting.  Even though it has bangs, I thought the lace parting was a good touch so that the wigs looks more real.




Zury Sis Angled Line Cut Synthetic Wig FS1b/30

The second wig, I saw in the beauty supply store as a bright blue color. I am not there yet where I can wear that color and still feel comfortable.  So I settle on a more natural color with highlights.  It is a bob which I love but I still have to play with the bangs a bit to get it to fit the way that I want.

15781110_1561505583865967_1808493509004311033_n zury-sis-angled-line-cut-wig-edgy-9be













ISIS BROWN SUGAR Human Blended Full Wig – BS103 (#SMP1B/RED)

This is one of my favorite wigs. The color I chose has a red underlay on it which is why I love this wig so much.  I also like the bangs as well.  The texture of the hair is yaky and is not a smooth nor does it have a lot of body to it, but I still love the wig.


Sensational Instant Fashion Synthetic Wig Couture MAYLENE (SOM1376)

This is one of my favorite wigs as well. I love the three tone hair color to it.  This wig has more body to it.  The only down side about the wig is that I feel the makers could have focused a bit more on the parting space because that aspect of the wigs looks a little fake to me.  Other than that, I love this wig.


Check out my video below for the look book on these wigs.



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  1. motown makes a lot of nice wigs for a good price. I have a few in my closet as well. great selections. -Breyona Sharpnack

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