Single For The Holidays? 5 Positive Ways To Combat Loneliness

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Single For The Holidays? Here Are 5 Things You Can Do

If you are single for the holidays.

Then you maybe be dreading the following situations:

  • You know that when you come home for Christmas everyone is going to ask when where you man is or when you are going to get married?


  • You know that everyone is gSingle For The Holidays? Here Are 5 Things You Can Dooing to be coupled up, leaving you sitting there feeling awkward and lonely?


  • You have no one to celebrate the holidays with at all and being single is just adding on to you feeling depressed.

I know during the holidays it can be hard when you do not have anyone. I know that when the ball drops on News Years and everyone is kissing their boyfriends, it can be hard to watch when you are alone.  Or when everyone is getting an engagement ring for their Christmas present or any present from their significant other it can be even more depressing to watch.

So if you are Single For The Holidays. Here Are 5 Things You Can Do

Remember the reason for the season.

The holidays are the holidays.  Thanksgiving and Christmas is about family, being thankful, and remembering the birth of Christ.  Just focus on the positive of the season, spend time with family, and be thankful.  Instead of focusing on not having a man focus on the thing you do have. No matter your situation, things can be worse for you.  There are people out there who have no family, no friend, no food, and not water. So when you put things in perspective that way, being single is not the worse thing in the world.

There are worse things in the world.

Every time I start feeling bad for myself I turn on the news. I realize that there are people starving, there are people who are homeless, there are people who live in fear of being attacked every single day.  Then I reflect on the fact that I am single and all of a sudden being single for the holidays is not the worst thing in the world.  The worst thing in the world would be living in a country that I feared for my life every time I stepped outside. Single For The Holidays? Here Are 5 Things You Can Do


On the note of realizing that there are always people in need, you can always choose to volunteer for the holidays or give back. Go to a soup kitchen and feed the homeless buy a gifts for an underprivileged family.  Do not choose to be depressed but choose to bring joy to someone else’s life. (Check out my blog on getting over depression).

Remember you are waiting for something better

Would you rather have any man with you on the holidays or a good man. I know people who flaunt their significant others around on the holidays but I know for a fact that their man is not worth the paper he prints his name on.  He cheats on his woman, does not have a job, did not give her a Christmas present, or does not have any intentions of marrying her (check out my blog on why he doesn’t deserve you).  That is when I quickly realize that when I bring a man home for the holidays I want him to be madly in love with me.  I want him to be here for the present holidays and future holidays to come.  I do not want someone who is just taking up space just so I can show my family and friends that I have a man for the holidays. Always remember it is not about having anyone, it is about having the one.  And one day your time will come.

Do something for yourself.Single For The Holidays? Here Are 5 Things You Can Do

Even if you do not have a man or even if you do not have a family, you can always be a party of one. I do this a lot when I used to have a job that required me to work some holidays.  What is stopping you from setting up your own tree, decorating your house, or buying and wrapping your own presents and putting them under the tree.  On New Year’s I have literally have bought snacks and wine, and sat and watch the count down in Time Square. And I was happy.  Spending time with yourself can be a pleasurable thing.  It gives you time to think and it gives you time to reflect.  If you do not like spending time with yourself, then who else is going to want to spend time with you.

So if you are single for the holidays you do not have to be lonely just because you are single. It should always be a time a celebration.  Focus on the being happy and celebrating and then the fact that you are single won’t matter so much. Ideally your singleness won’t last forever and this holiday will not be the last holiday FOREVER. So when you do find someone, it sill make that holiday that much more special.

Single For The Holidays? 5 Positive Ways To Combat Loneliness