4 Unique Looks For The Christmas Holidays #MakemeupMonday

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The holidays are right around the corner. So here are four holiday looks you can try this season to spice up your look.

Look Like an Ethereal Being

I thought this was a fun look you know in case you want to look like an elf. And not a corny elf, but a really cool elf with platinum gray hair.  To start off you want to use platinum grey bundles with closure.  You can choose to dye it yourself like in the video or you can just choose to buy the hair the gray color because it is easier. For the makeup I would chose the Carli Bybel palette as it has all the colors in the video as well as the highlighter needed to go under the eyes. I did a full review on the palette click here to see it. To finish off the eyes you want to use eyeliner to smoke out the eye a bit, fake eye lashes, and some mascara. To top off the look add dark pink lipstick , some blush, and colored contacts lenses.


To achieve this look first apply the lip color poppy on your lips.  Next using a lip brush apply red cosmetic glitter to your lips.  Lastly, apply a clear top coat by Maybelline. And you’re finished!


It’s amazing what you can do with weave isn’t it? You can get a short hair looked without even cutting your hair.  To get this look you will need a full frontal and straight bundles of hair and you are going to need to know how to cut.  You are going to get your hair as flat as possible.  Apply a wig cap on your hair and glue down the lace frontal.  Starting from the back you are going to glue the hair all the way up.  And then you cut as desired.

Full face look:

For an entire holiday make up look you can check out the tutorial by ItsmyRayeRaye. The video is a full tutorial so I will not try to walk you through every single step she did.  You can just watch the video and if you look into the comment section of her video you can check out all the products she used to get the look.

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