Make Up Review of The Kylie Cosmetics Vixen Bundle Holiday Collection #MakemeupMonday

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I am the first to admit that I am not a huge fan of Kylie Jenner. I also heard some pretty terrible things ab33268f1600000578-3538650-image-a-42_1460582605566out her make up line.  I heard about bad customer service, people getting the wrong orders, and her lip kits being empty.

BUT, I kept seeing her make up swatches online and curiosity got the best of me on Cyber Monday when her site gave 20% off of the whole site. I mainly became intrigued by her line because I was impressed at the fact that she showcased her make up swatches on all skin tones and they looked good.  I will give her an A for using colors that are good for all people no matter what your skin tone is.

And so I leaped and bought the Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Edition (Vixen Bundle) and prepared myself for the good, bad, and the ugly. Fortunately, enough for me, there was no bad or ugly.  It was nothing but good.

When my package first came, the packaging was amazing and professionally done. Inside came a card, which was a photocopy of a card that Kylie wrote. It wished people a happy holiday and said thank you for the support.  I felt it was a nice touch and the card really looked like she wrote it even though I knew it was copy.

Here is what the Vixen Bundle Contained:

  • 1 Dancer Metal (shimmering ruby wine)15350623_1524797060870153_4664043690965630176_n
  • 1 Jolly Gloss (blackened burgundy)

1 Vixen Lip Kit (blackened vampy plum) containing:

  • Vixen Matte Liquid Lipstick
  • Vixen Pencil Lip Liner

1 Mini Kit – Matte Liquid Lipsticks in the following shades:

  • Moon (taupe-y nude)
  • Ginger (warm terracotta brown)
  • Kristen (warm brown berry)
  • Angel (warm pinky nude)
  • Love Bite (rich plum brown)
  • Vixen (blackened vampy plum)
  • 1 Camo Crème Shadow (shimmering forest green)
  • 1 Kyshadow Holiday Palette containing the following shades:
  • Sugar Cookie (matte finish creamy warm nude)
  • Frosty (metallic finish platinum silver)
  • Chestnut (matte finish muted dusty mauve)
  • Mittens (metallic finish deepened mahogany red)
  • Winter (metallic finish shimmering denim blue)bag
  • Nutcracker (metallic finish silvery plum)
  • Gingerbread (metallic finish shimmering silver bronze)
  • Evergreen (matte finish deep teal green)
  • Silent Night (matte finish blackened plum)
  • 1 Makeup Bag

The regular price for the bundle is $180 and of course I got it 20% off because it was cyber Monday. The quality of the makeup is AMAZING.  As I was doing swatches I literally had to get some soap and water to scrub the lipstick off of my skin.  Which means you can wear the lipstick and it will say there all day.  I have applied a shade in the morning, went through the entire day (eating, drinking, and all) and the lipstick still be on at the end of the day.  It was also super pigmented.  So no matter how light or dark you are you can pretty much guarantee that the lipstick and the eyeshadows will show up on your skin.

Overall, I give my entire experience with Kylie Cosmetics 5 stars. The presentation was professional, my order was right, the website communicated to me when my order would be ready, and the makeup is top quality.

Check out the swatches below.

swatch lk eye


Here are some of my favorite looks completed Kylie Cosmetics

14492376_718551441628761_5077884384763839039_n 14611152_727213410762564_714302960057963650_n c1d722dd08784c11c79b85b825ba8b3c nicole

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