Why Trump Being President Equals An Increase On Hate Crimes. A Psychological Perspective

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According to Advocate.com, there have been over 400 hate crimes since Trump’s election. Trump668d85d38ebe4926a1dcda97d86a7f79aec18a1b1a272cbc0fae4cf923a6e156_1 has spit out all type of racist and sexist comments during his entire campaign and now that he is elected, of course people have adapted a new found boldness with these acts of hate.

Trump is president and there is little that can be done over that. But my issue is that Trump does not want to take responsibility in the fact that the reason why some people in the U.S feel so comfortable in doing hate crimes, is because they feel they have a leader that will agree with what they are doing.

I am tired of hearing people say that Trump has nothing to do with the hate crimes in America. If there is anything that my expensive education as taught me is that human behavior is determined a lot by what is going on around us.  If you want to get intellectual then let’s talk facts.

According to Bronfenbrenner Ecological systems theory there are four major systems that have an impact on human behavior. For the purpose of this discussion, and me not wanting to bore you, we will focus on the macro system. The macro system is the fourth level of Bronfenbrenner’s theory and it looks at the cultural values, health, public policy, laws, and politics.  According to the Ecological systems theory, it is all four systems within the theory that have a direct impact on a person’s behavior, meaning that the fourth theory, which include politics, also has a bearing on the behavior.

In simplest terms, if we have a president who makes racist and sexist comments AND has a known racist as his strategist, then we must expect for his belief system to trickle down and for the rest of us to be affected by those comments. This is why people feel more comfortable doing hate crimes and openly spewing hate, because this is what our leader put out there as being acceptable.

200_sI said all of that, to say this.  If you read my past blog on Trump being president (seen here), I do want America to get to a place where we can get along.  If making America great again means that we are going to step back into the 1950’s where minorities are getting beat up, lynched, and nothing is being done about it.  That is not going to happen.  We live in a new day, we have lawyers, judges, and political leaders that are willing to fight to make this country better and that do not want to go back into a Jim Crow America.  There are Americans that are literally willing to fight to the death, myself being one of them, to make sure that I am not going back to that.

The world is evolving and we cannot expect to go back into a time in which racism was alive and well and people saw this as a good thing. There is still racism, but we do not live in that old world anymore. That segregated bathrooms and segregated water fountain world.   The real problem is that behind all of these racist is that they are just looking for someone to blame for their problems or looking for someone to exert dominance over because the real issue sits with them.  If you are secure in yourself and happy with your life, you do not go around thinking of ways to make other people’s life a living hell.  They want to make other people’s life a living hell because that is how they feel about their life.

Displacement ( defense mechanism) is the redirection of an impulse (usually aggression) onto a powerless substitute target.  And that is what all of this hate crime or any hate is about.  The issue is with the individual and not with the target.

For humans to be so smart, we are also very intolerant of one another. And out of all the thousands of years of living on this Earth we still cannot find a way to co-exist despite our differences. And that is something that I think is really sad.  Let’s not go into a Hunger Game world, in which we are all doing something dumb in order to prove our dominance over another race, class, or religion.