To Accept Trump Or Not Accept Trump; That Is The Question

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It is only fair for me to touch on the election since we have now done the unthinkable and elected a crazy man as president. As I woke up this morning I had accepted that the person that I voted for lost and Trump is now the president.  Does it make me mad? Yes. Frustrated? Of course.  But he is still the president. 08-election_w529_h529

If this election or the last 8 years has taught me anything, it is that this country is more divided. During the Obama administration people got mad that Obama was in office. Everything was blamed on him.  Trump took this to the extreme and blamed Isis on Obama, I mean everything was Obama’s fault.  He then used that same mentality and went to the rural areas of Tim Buck Too nowhere, and spewed out his semi hate speech.  Blaming minorities, Obama, and Hillary for our issues.

At the end of the day, where did it get us? It got us Trump.  Republicans wanted to get back at Democrats, and the non-Trump supporters will want to get back at Republicans, and soon we will be electing Kanye West as president. My point is that disagreement and divide has taken over this country.  And we need to stop.  We need to stop making decision based off our emotions and really see each other for who we all really are.

Forget the fact that I am black, you are white, and the person around the street is Hispanic. If we are all American then what difference does it make?  My ancestors have probably been here just as long as your ancestors but yet we still can’t get along.  We claim that were are American.  We are the best country in the world.  But our politics have turned into a freak show.  I can chose to be upset about Trump.  But the truth be told Trump is not first nor will he the last racist president that come into the White House.  I did my civic duty, I voted for Hillary, she lost and there is not anything that I or anyone else can do about it.

15036287_1487028481313678_3894153790767524409_nSomeone told me that I should be more upset about Trump winning, that I should not just take it. That I need to fight for my rights.  I am a black woman.  A double minority, I have been fighting for my rights well before Trump.  I have learned that freedom is a mindset.  My rights and my freedom where granted to me by God the day that I was born.

You would have no authority over me unless it were given to you from above.” – John 19:11

No one has authority over me. Not Trump, not anyone.  Therefore I do not live in fear of his nonsense, and I do not want to go to war with a Trump supporter over nonsense.  You always have a choice on how you react and what you chose to accept.  When you realized that you are free no matter what and no matter who is placed over you, then the crazy things of this world will not matter so much.

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