#MakemeupMonday Carli Bybel 14 Color Eye shadow & Highlighter Palette Review

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BHCosmetics has a great line of quality make up products for a great price. A few weeks ago I went on a mini spending spree on their site and got some great new palettes.  Today I am going to highlight one of my favorite palettes by Carli Bybel.  Carlie Bybel is a Youtuber, that looks a lot like Kim K in my opinion.  I cannot say that I watch her but I am in love with this palette mainly because of the metallic colors and the highlighters and bronzers that come in it.

If you haven’t noticed, a good highlight on your cheek is the “in” thing to do.   Not only is it the in thing to do but it looks amazing on pictures.collage-highlight

Even though this palette is affordable, it is super pigmented. Since I am dark skin, if it shows up on me then I know it will show up on almost any skin tone.  It comes with 4 different highlighters and bronzers so that you can have your choice of how much of a highlight you want.  Also with the various eye shadows you can really get the “bronze goodness” look since that is mostly what this palette focuses on.

I mainly use the gold highlighter/bronzer underneath my checks coming up to the side of the face, and over my nose.  I used the darker highlighter on the cheeks and I also mixed it will darker blush.  For my eye makeup I used highlighted under the brow with the gold color in the second row, I used the dark bronze color from the second row for my lid, I used the top middle color for my transition shade, and the outer burgundy color for the outer part of the lid. Get the palette here.

Check out my look below and how I use this palette.



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