A Full Review of The Freetress Evlyn Wig In Rose Pink and Tsmarlot

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I previously wrote about the Freetress Evlyn wig here and I had it in the color Sunrise. Check out the picture below to see what Sunrise looked like.

And here I am again with the Freetress Evyn wig because in that previous review I bragged on this wig so much that I had to go back and get some more colors. What I really love about the Freetress Evlyn Wig is the texture and the versatility of the colors.  I also love the parting on this wig because without even doing anything to it, the parting looks very realistic. Check out some of the other colors below.

Now the Freetress Evlyn Wig, the model does not really do the wig justice.  The wig is something that you have to buy and experience for yourself to get how awesome the actual wig is.

Freetress Evlyn Wig Rose Pink Click Here to Buy

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The first color I got was in this Rose Pink. I was skeptical about this wig but saw it online on someone else and wanted to try it out.  I love this wig, even though it is pink it does not look like a costume.  I think because of the dark roots and the dark highlights throughout the hair keeps it from looking like a party city wig.

Check out my video review on this color of the Evlyn Freetress wig below.

Freetress Evlyn Wig TSMARLOT  Click here to buy

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The next wig is a dark red and burgundy color. I think this is one of my favorites out of the bunch.  Once again it had dark roots and has several red, burgundy, and brown highlights through which keeps the wig looking more real than like you are playing a character for Halloween. The color is so deep and noticeable but the color is not so red that it is annoying.  Even being darker skinned I felt that this wig went perfectly with my skin tone and the multiple color facades of the wigs just makes it even better.

In case you are not feeling the straightness of the wig. Freetress has come out with another wig the Cameron (see my blog here and also my picks above). that carry the same color but styled differently. Such has having curls. The downside of this wig is that it is not going to curl at all with a curling iron.  The wig is heat safe up to 400F but all you can do is flat iron it or roll it using rollers which I talked about in my last review of this wig. But do not expect to get this wig curly by a curling iron.

Check out my video review on this color of the Evlyn Freetress wig below.

To see all the colors in this collection check out a video done by Taste Pink below

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