Affordable Wig Look book. 3 Wigs Under $50.

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I will admit that I was not a huge fan of synthetic hair. To me it just came across as being so fake.  But synthetic hair has moved up in the world.  With the wonders of technology synthetic hair can do as much and human hair AND it is over half the cost.  More often than not, for a human hair wig, you are looking to pay over $100 at least.  Some are even over $400!  But with synthetic you are mostly always looking to play under $50.  So today I want to share with you, some of my favorite synthetic wigs that I have been rockin!

Freetress Equal Wig Called Chasty- Retails for Under $35

This is a cute bob looking wig. I decided to get it in the color OTDKPU which is a dark purple color.  This wig can take up to 400 degrees of heat.  Although it does not curl well, I like the wig as is.  I love the little beach waves that come in in it.  It is not a lace front wig, but has a lace part.  Click below to see my review on this wig.


Janet Collection Lace Front Wig Called Noel– Retails for Under $50

I love this wig. I got it in the color blue black.  When I saw this wig, I thought that it was a human hair wig.  But it was synthetic.  This wigs takes under 400 degrees of heat and it is crazy long.  The feel of the hair is amazing, it is a lace front with, and has a realistic part.  Click below to see my full video review on this wig.

Sensationnel Wig Review Nia (DXT30)- Retails Under $20

This hair is really cute. Sometimes when hair is curly and synthetic it can get tangle really easily.  But this hair is soft and does not tangle.  And it can be flat iron straight.  It comes in many colors but I got the color DXT30 which is like a three tone type of hair.  If anything it remind me of Beyoncé hair.  It is a lace front wig and the part is not realistic.  You can cut the part open and leave out your own hair to give it a more realistic look.  Click below to see my review on this wig.

I love all the wigs, which one is your favorite!

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