Teacher Bae. Clothing Controversy. Inappropriate for a School Environment or No?

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Recently we have all been exposed to the teacher bae controversy in what she was wearing to work. To be honest I am a  woman who is black AND curvy; and as soon as I saw the pictures I thought that her attire was not appropriate.  I saw the


sexy-atlanta-teacher-teacherbae-patrice-brown-4pictures when they first came out before anyone was even talking about her clothes and that was the first thing that came to my mind.  “Why is her dress so short?”

I think that she is a gorgeous women and her body is beautiful. But at the same time we ALL need to be mindful of our body types.  There are some really cute dresses and skirts that I have bought that look great on women who have a smaller butt than mine.  But when I put it on, if I were to bend over then everyone would see what was underneath my skirt.  If I wear that skirt to work I should not say that if a skinny girl is wearing it she would get less criticism them me. Of course she would.  Her butt is not showing when she put on the skirt….Mine is.   The fact of the matter is that the outfit, fits differently on me than it does her, and as a grown professional woman I have should have enough sense to know that wearing something where my backside may be exposed when I sit down is not a good idea.

Because I am a curvier girl I do not have be mindful on what I wear to work and how it comes across. As we all should be.  And if something looks appropriate on someone else and inappropriate on me, I need to be able to take it off.  I know that we have all seen people wearing things that they have no business wearing it does not matter if they are curvy, skinny, tall, or short.  So for myself, my problem with her work place attire is not about her being curvy, but that she should be more mindful that she is in a school environment and understand that some of her outfits are not a good choice for a school environment.

captureI will admit that I do not think ALL of her clothes are bad or inappropriate. But I will say that schools have a dress code for students and if students are not allowed to wear a tight bodycon dress to school, then why should a teacher. Most schools do not allow a skirt or dress to be more than 3 inches above the knee for students.  So why would a teacher wear something that is more than 3 inches above the knee?  My high school did not allow students to wear short.  And this was in Texas where it was hot.  How crazy would that look if a teacher wore shorts to school, and the schools tell us we cannot not?  Teachers should set the standards for students.  There is nothing wrong with looking good.  But you can look good wearing appropriate clothing to work.  I should be able to tell the difference between your working clothes and your clubbing those.  They are not the same things.

When determining what you should be wearing to work, you need to take a few things into consideration. You need to think about where you work.  Working in a school is not the same as working at a fashion magazine.  You can get away with different attire at a fashion magazine then you can at a school.  These things should be common sense.

I may be in the minority with it comes to Miss Teacher Bae. Because most people seem to think that she is being discriminating against.  But speaking from experience, there are some things that I chose not to wear to work because it is too clingy, too tight, or too short.  I feel that, these things are the mentality of a professional. I never want to come to work and have to be sent home because what I am wearing is not consistent with the organizations dress clothes policy.