Purple/Blue Bob Wig Tutorial. Isis Mega Brazilian Hair in the Color Midnight. The Hair Is Under $20! #MakemeupMonday

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Colored hair is in. There was a time in which colored hair was something that was tacky and only reserved for punk rockers.  But that is no longer the case.  You can find pink, blue, and purple hair AND you can make it classy.  Which is why when I saw this hair from Mega Brazilian in the color midnight, I knew I could do something good with it.  Gone are the days when weaves are just one color and now you can buy your weave in versatile colors.  Which means that you do not have to dye the hair yourselves. Which can be messy and time consuming. This particular set came with four bundles, a closure, and a bang piece.  I did not use the bang piece because it was all black and chose to make my own bangs.  The reason why I chose to make a bang is because the closure is one of the cheap basic closures.  The closure does not look right with a part which is why I chose to pair it with a bang. The length of the hair was 12, 14, 16, and 18 inches.  I decided to cut it into a bob.  The color of the bundles are black at the roots and then fade into blue and then purple.  And the hair is super affordable.  I paid $25 for the whole thing at my local beauty supply store.  You can get it for under $17 online.  And although the hair feels a little rough or is more yaki texture.  Once I flat ironed it on a high temperature, since it is human hair, it because more smooth and a lot more bouncy.

Check out my video below to the tutorial on how I got this purple/blue bob with Chinese bangs.





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