Aesthetica Contour Kit Review- Brow Contour Kit, Lip Contour Kit, Cream and Powder Contour Kit #MakeupMonday

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The Aesthetica Contour Series contains a total of 4 different palettes. The brow contour palette, the cream contour palette, the powder contour c700x420palette, and the lip contour palette.   If you go through the Aesthetica website, then you are going to pay a pretty penny.  It retails on their site for about $129.  But if you go through Amazon or shop my Amazon store then you can get the palette for $79.  Which is still expensive but beats $129.


I was motivated to get this palette for a few reasons. The first is that I wanted to try the lip contour kit.  The second is that I am obsessed with eyebrow kits, and the last is that it can be hard to find a good contour kit because I am a darker tone and this kit boast that it is suitable for nearly all skin tones.



The Brow Kit:aesthetica-brow-contour-kit

The brow kit contains six different brow powders. At least one of those powders should match your brow shade, if not, then you can always mix the shades together to get your perfect color.  In addition, the kit comes with five different stencils with different arches so you can get your brow the way you want them.  The brow kits comes with a double sided brush as well.  One side is for filling in your brows and to apply highlighting powder (which also comes in the kit) and on the other side is a spooly.  The kit also contains a mirror and step by step instructions with pictures that tells you how to achieve your perfect eyebrow.


The Cream Contour Kit

871be414083fb259ae152e5acdf6859eThe cream contour kit comes with six shades. I am in love with this kit for the most part.  The highlight on this kit works out great even on my dark skin and I am able to blend everything in well.  The darkest contour that they have is not really dark enough for my skin.  It will do the job, but you can barely see the powder.  This kit does not come with a brush.  It does come with step by step instructions with pictures as well as a mirror.

The Powder Contour Kitmaxresdefault

Out of all of the kits in the series, this was my least favorite. Although it comes with six shades, none on them matched my skin tone. The directions and pictures that came in this kit were the same as the cream contour kit.  Which is why I felt like they could have left this kit out of the bunch.  I used the powder to set my cream contour, but since the colors were so light that was not an ideal option.  Like all the kits it came with a mirror but it did not come with brushes.

x354-q80The Lip Contour Kit


This was by far my favorite kit. This come with step by step directions (which was kind of confusing to read) and a lot of pictures.  If you want to contour your lips, it is going to take some practice.  But I do feel that the kit gives you all the tools that you need to achieve the look.  The kit comes with five different shades and a highlighter.  The kit also comes with a brush, four different lip pencils, and a mirror.

As always. I can show you better than I can tell you.  Click below to see my full video on the Aesthetica Cosmetic Contour Series Kits.






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8 Comments on Aesthetica Contour Kit Review- Brow Contour Kit, Lip Contour Kit, Cream and Powder Contour Kit #MakeupMonday

  1. Your makeup posts are very informative. Between all the products that are available and YouTube videos on Make Up How To’s, anyone can turn themselves into a makeup artist. Your video proves that!

  2. Love the way you give such a honest review and really tell us about the products.

  3. Michelle Rogers, CPT // August 22, 2016 at 9:02 pm // Reply

    This is a brand I wasn’t familiar with…but it sure looks great! I’ve been looking for a good brow kit.

  4. I find this so intimidating as someone who just wears chapstick and calls it a day haha I do plan on getting photos done and I want to try this for them. Thanks Sophia

  5. When I have some more time this weekend I’m so watching some of your Youtube videos.I live on a farm and 3 days a week I’m home and we get so sweaty i don’t put on any make-up but the other 4 would be nice to get a little dressy.

  6. I’m so clueless when it comes to contouring! I need to watch some of your vids and practice.

  7. Is it embarassing that I have never contoured? I’ve always wanted to try – but never get around to it!

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