Get The Look. Purple Hair and Make Up. Review/Tutorial. #MakemeUpMonday

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In my last week’s post, I mentioned that I got four (click here to see all four) palettes for a really good price (you can click here to see that post). 51BceyliU2LThis week, I focused on the “In the Night” palette.  The in the night palette I assume if for more of a night time look, hence the words “in the night.”  But it is my favorite palette in the collection by far, because of the purples (which is my favorite color by the way).  41IkfywegAL

To start off I applied the color “Lady Luck” into my crease with a blending brush. Next, I applied the color “Dusty” on my bottom lid. The third colors that I used was the dark purple color “Razzamatz” on the outer “V” of my eye and blended it toward the crease.  The last color that I used to finish off the look was “Wonderland” which I applied right underneath the brow.  And that was it for the eyeshadow.  Of course I applied liquid liner and mascara, to finish off the look.  On the lips, I bought this complete lipstick set by Golden Rose and used the purple color for my lipstick.




I really had a purple theme going one, because I decided to add this Freetress Equal Wig, Chasty, to finish off the look. The wig is crazy affordable and has dark purple highlights in it.  Click below to see my full review on the wig. By the way you can see my son photo bombing my selfie above. He is the funniest.



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10 Comments on Get The Look. Purple Hair and Make Up. Review/Tutorial. #MakemeUpMonday

  1. All the purple complimented you really well. I don’t know if you’re not wearing the lipstick in the picture or not, if you are, then it’s lighter than I expected.

  2. Purple looks really great on you. Some of the colors may be little to dark for me or maybe I’m just not that brave.

  3. This look is HAWT!! Wish I could pull it off!

  4. I love the highlights in the wig. They are noticeable but subtle enough to not be loud. It looks great!

  5. What I really am digging is the waves. Your son always cracks me up.

  6. You look gorgeous! Purple is definitely your colour and the wig looks awesome!!

    La Belle Sirene 

  7. The purple looks really great P you and I love the waves in your hair. That lipstick is way lighter than I expected.

    • Yeah it was. And it may be because I just put one coat on there, so it is not as dark. Keep in mine I am dark myself so the way it shows up on me may be different.

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