I’m Not Your B*tch! What We Can Learn From The Kanye West and Taylor Swift “Beef.”

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Unless you have been living under a rock, I am sure that you are aware of the Kanye West and Taylor Swift “beef.” In case you are not I will give you a quick rundown.  Kanye West states in his song “I made that B*tch famous.”  Kanye states that he got permission from Taylor Swift to call her a b*tch.  But in a video released by Kim K, Kanye is talking to Taylor, but he fails to mention on the video that he plans on calling her a b*tch in his song.  He further mentions that he is friends with Taylor Swift and that his friendship with her is somehow why he is telling her about his rap lyrics (see the video below). kanye-west-Taylor-swift-vmas-mtv

So now that you are up to speed on that. One thing that I cannot stand is when someone calls me a b*tch and tries to tell me that it is a respectful thing.  I think that Kanye did not tell Taylor what he really wanted to say because he knew that she would not tolerate being call no b*tch.  Especially if you claim to be someone’s friend.

To be honest many people call their girlfriend’s their b*tch, hoe, bottom b*tch, or trap queen and feel that the woman should be complimented by this derogatory terminology. I am not any of those things.  I am a woman, that has her own brain, intellect, and I deserve to be respected.  If you want to refer to me, then I suggest that you refer to me by my name, which was given to me at birth.  Calling me out of my name is not going to make me feel good about myself.  I am not going to take that as a compliment.

I am sure from Taylor’s perspective, her definition of respect does not include you shouting her out in your song, calling her a b*tch, and then taking credit for all of her hard work. I am not normally a Keeping up With the Kardashian fan, but I had to tune in to see the hardcore beef that was brewing between Kanye West and Taylor swift (note my sarcasm).  And honestly I have several issues with this entire thing.

The first is that Kim is not only sticking up for her husband for calling another woman a b*tch BUT also saying that it was okay that he and Taylor Swift might have sex. Maybe that is why I am not married yet.  Because I cannot be so free with my emotions.  I would not tolerate my man verbalizing that he wants to bang another chick and then try to justify to the world that what he said was okay. I guess it really depends on the woman and it depends on the type of nonsense that you are willing to accept. And to me, what is worse is that Kim Kardashian is somehow saying that Taylor is playing the victim in all of this.  If you are like me, then you must be confused.

imagesYRV4SJ1VSo let’s recap:

Kanye West, a married man, comes up with a song disrespecting Taylor Swift. He says that he wants to have sex with her, calls her a b*tch, and disregards all of her hard work and states that he is the reason for her fame.  He then calls Taylor Swift and records a conversation without her knowing about it.  Kanye then raps only half the lyrics to the song, conveniently leaving out that he plans to call her a b*tch.  When the song does come out and he calls Taylor a b*tch, Taylor Swifts gets upset. Kanye and Kim then claim that THEY are the victim.

I may be the only one that sees Taylor’s side. But I get it.  She is probably saying in her head.  I am not your b*tch, I am not some publicity stunt that you can use to get your song played, we are not friends, and you two people are nuts.

I can take away a bigger lesson from this whole situation, because I seem to find a random lesson in everything.

  • The first lesson is that no matter how famous you, if you are a woman; a man will still try to down grade you by calling you a b*tch and making a claim to your success.
  • The second lesson is that in this world, referring to a woman as a b*tch, and trying to convince her that it is okay, has somehow become acceptable.
  • The third lesson is in all this, is that some women (sorry Kim) will stick up for their husband no matter what, and blame the other woman, even when their man is wrong.
  • The last lesson is that apparently a rapper and a country/pop singer can have beef.  Who knew?


  1. I would me pissed that they recorded a conversation and felt like it was ok to post it online. That family has no respect for other people.

  2. I so agree. Society has made it acceptable to degrade women. It’s unacceptable. I so agree with how you feel. I would disown my husband if he made those types of comments about any woman. Great article!

  3. Honestly, the fact that anyone is siding with KANYE WEST and KIM KARDASHIAN (let’s be real, not the most honest/wholesome/respectable duo) on this whole thing kind of says a lot. Regardless of whether she’s ‘playing the victim’, the way it’s being played out in such a disrespectful manner is gross. I think people are just taking sides with who they ‘like’ the most and not looking at the real issues, which you so perfectly lay out here!

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