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Get Ready With Me! Harlem Nights, Roaring 20’s Party! Hair, Make Up, And Fashion!

This past weekend I was invited to a Harlem Nights, roaring 20’s flapper party. I was pretty excited about this becausdressse it was a reason to dress up. I love old flapper fashion but never had a reason to go out and look like a flapper.

The Dress

To get the dress you can click here at my store. I got the white dress but the dress comes in various colors.  I was going to get the black and white, but great thing I didn’t because another person was wearing the same dress in that color, so that would have been embarrassing.

The picture that they have posted of the dress, does not do the dress justice. I was worried at first to get it because I did not want the sequence to look like an arts and crafts project.  But I was wrong, the dress looks beautiful and photographed really well.  I ended up getting an extra-large in the dress as I saw from people’s comments and reviews of the dress that it ran small.

Head Piece

What would a flapper party be without the head piece? I wanted a head piece that was flapper style but that I could also wear again if I wanted to.  Also I wanted something that would stay on my head.  That is why I chose this head piece.  It stayed in place the whole night and I felt like I could wear it different ways.  In fact a few other people at the party had my head band.  But I am the only person that wore it upside down which gave it a different look from everyone else’s. Click here to shop my head peaicestore and see the head piece.


Due to the beading on the dress, I know that I needed a purse that would match. That is why I chose this purse.  It has a vintage feel.  And this purse comes in more styles then just the white.  When I received the purse, it also had really nice packaging.  The beading does not look cheap and the bag is very well made. Click here to get the purse.


The shoes I wore, were already shoes that I had stored away somewhere. I cannot really say that these were 1920’s shoes, but they went with the dress and the purse perfectly so I decided to wear and purse


For the hair, I actually made this wig myself. You can click here to see the tutorial on how I made the hair. I chose to go with a short cute with bangs since that style was popular in the 20’s.

Make Up

Below is a list of makeup that I wore. Even though it does not look like a have a whole lot of make up on, I actually do.  Check out my Get Ready with Me Video Below to see how I got ready for this party.

Below is my makeup routine.

First I applied, NYX High HD Studio Primer serve as a primer for my makeup.  Primer helps your make up last longer and show up better.  Then I applied Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.  Since I knew it would be a long night and I would sweat, I wanted to wear something that would stay in place throughout the night. Next I applied, Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy Foundation Powder.  This foundation helps set the liquid foundation plus it treats your acne.

After applying the foundation I shaped my brows using the BH Cosmetics Flawless Brow Trio.  I first outline my brow using the cream, and then filled them in using the powder.  The next step was to move on to my eyes.  I applied an eye shadow primer first and then I also applied Klean Color Smokin Cream Eye shadow as a base as well. The palette that I used for the eye shadow is the BH Cosmetics Makeup by Mandy.  I used the white to put on the bottom lid and the bronze for the crease.  Next, I added L. A. Colors Expressions Shimmering Loose Eyeshadow in Snow White to the bottom of the lid.  I then went back to the Make up by Mandy palette and used the black on the outer “V” of my eye. I used the Kiss Professional contour Kit to highlight and contour my face, following the directions that came with the kit.

The last steps were to use heavy pigmented blush, so I used the Wet n Wild Color icon Blusher Heather Silk.  I finished ogg the look off with the MAC rebel lipstick.  To set the look so that the makeup would stay in place I applied NYX Cosmetics Make Up Setting Spray.


Check out my Get Ready With Me Video Below:


Tutorial For My Hair





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5 Comments on Get Ready With Me! Harlem Nights, Roaring 20’s Party! Hair, Make Up, And Fashion!

  1. I love that dress!!


  2. That head piece is amazing! Don’t you wish they would come back in style?


  3. You look great! The head piece is gorgeous!


  4. Love what you did with this theme! All the pieces are amazing.

    – Cait |


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