Is America Headed For A Race War? Or Can the “Greatest Country in the World” Learn To Co-Exist.

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America has always prided itself on being a wonderful nation that is full of a diverse group of people. However, if you were to look at the news recently one might think that America is full of intolerant people that has the temperament of one of those radical countries that we are always talking about.  Unarmed black people are randomly gunned down by the police and are not convicted for their crimes.  Even when there is video footage of the crime taking place.  Black people feel that the “Justice for all” slogan does not apply to us because we have lived so long without justice.

Many people are shocked by the recently shootings. But the for us blacks, these things comes as no surprise to us.  Most black people, including myself, have ran into cops that judge us because we are black.  They chose to harass us because they think that we are all criminals or thugs, and automatically put us into a category as being a menace to society.  Most black people, including myself, whenever stopped by the police try our hardest to obey.  We keep our hands where the police can see them, we make no sudden moves, and we even explain that we are reaching for our licensed and registration even when asked by the police for our licensed and registration, just so that there is no ThomasShippAbramSmithmisunderstanding.  We do this, because we do not want any problems.  We do not want to get shot.  We want to stay alive.  Which even these actions are in vein as Philando Castile.  Before we were told that unarmed black men were shot because they appeared threatening, they ran, or they had committed a crime way back when and therefore were deemed as being aggressive.

Now we have a case of a man who was had none of the above and the black community sits and waits to see what the world will say this time; about a man being shot in front of his girlfriend and her four year old daughter. We wait to see if the officer will even be convicted for his crime, which history tells us that he won’t.

There are many other races who empathize with us and clearly see the injustices that we face. There are others that feel that black people keep reliving the times of the past and that the injustice that are going on against us are just something that is made up in our head.  The fact of the matter is, these injustices have been happening for a very long time now, but only with social media have these cases been shared with us all.  The incidences are not new, only the coverage on them.

I do not want to go on a rant about how black people in America are treated. I would like to focus on what we can do to fix it.  I have a son, who is black.  I do not want him to grow up in a divided nation in which black and white people feel they have to fight against each other.  Black and whites have been in America for too long for us to still not be able to accept each other.

I read about the recent occurrence in Dallas in which the police were gunned down. I was disturbed that someone would feel that violence against the police, that have nothing to do with what happen, was the answer.  All the shooting did was perpetuate violence and reinforce in people’s mind that the “Black Lives Matter” movement is full of black radical people who just hate the police.  I want to dispel that myth. Do not let the actions of one or two black people speak for our entire race.  Not every black person wants to repay violence for violence or want to gun down random police officers in the street.

And if you are one of those black people who do want to gun down random police officers in the street, I asked you to reconsider your thinking. We want to be seen as equal because we are equal.  We want to erase the stereotype that we are all thugs just waiting for a fight to pop off.  We want to erase the idea that the black lives matter movement is about a whole bunch of black people who want to be racist toward white people.  And most of all we never want to be seen as behaving the same way as those who persecute us.  Just like we do not want to be judge and killed because we are black.  Police officers do not want to be killed because they are the police.  There are bad police out there, but to make all police officers pay for the crimes of some police officers is wrong.  Just like all black people should not pay for the crimes of some black people.peace-police1

If a white person, Asian person, or Hispanic person has a certain stereotype in their head about black people. How about we not feed into those stereotypes.  How about we blow their mind and say something intelligent and articulate to reverse all of the wrong thinking that they have about us.  How about not only do we fight those who oppress us but we also speak to other black people to elevate their mind also, which would in turn elevate us as a race.

We all know that slavery is over. But no one can deny the lasting effects that the slave mentality has upon the black people of America.  It effects the way white people see us, and it effects the way some black people act.  Instead of us trying to start a race war in our own country.  We must learn to see each other as equal and realize that there are bigger enemies out there (i.e. terrorist organizations) that would love to see us fall.  How can we stand against anyone else, if we cannot even stand together as citizens?

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Imagine what a better world this would be if we started seeing our neighbor as our self and treating our neighbor as ourselves. If we stop seeing someone as just being black, white, Asian, Jew, Muslim, or Christian and we just see people someone who could be our daughter, mother, father, sister, son, or grandfather.  Imagine what a better world this would be.


  1. As a Canadian, what’s going on in the US at the moment saddens me deeply. Our society is different in many ways, but we still fear that the hatred and violence will spread here. We pray that more people like you will stand up for what’s right – and that speaking out against the wrongs will be enough.

  2. I am so deeply saddened and angered by the events of this last week, season, year, decade. I know that violence is not the right answer, but we can’t live with injustice either. It is time for change.

  3. I really couldn’t say much about what is going on there but I’ve seen some of it in news. The news alone made me ask myself “Does justice really works over there for other races?” “What if they are accusing the wrong person (non-caucasian) and let the real perpetrator (caucasian) escape?”. It is indeed really hurtful to see so much hatred going on lately. Keep spreading this message to educate people. Hoping and praying to still achieve peace without bloodshed. Thanks for sharing this.

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