5 Life Lessons Learned In My 20’s. A Reflection of a 30 Year Old Something Female

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5 Life Lessons Learned In My 20's. A Reflection of a 30 Year Old Something Female

Your 30’s and your 20’s are like night and day.  But the good thing about your 30’s is that you can reflect on al the life lessons learned the decade before. The moment you hit 30, all of a sudden you realize that you have a low tolerance level for stupidity.  It would seem like your 20’s is for you to do a lot if stupid things with a lot of stupid people. But in your 30’s it is like a light bulb goes and you want to quit all of the crazy you have been doing and become a well-functioning adult. In ALL areas of your life.

5 Life Lessons Learned In My 20's. A Reflection of a 30 Year Old Something FemaleSo here are my 5 Life Lessons Learned In my 20’s

Stop Giving Men My Time That Did Not Deserve Time.

And to stop giving men my number (read my blog here). In my 20’s I dated whoever asked me out on a date. Sometimes I would be dating 2-4 men at a time.  In a way this was good because I found out what I liked versus what I did not like (check out my blog on the benefits of dating).  It was also bad because I was giving men my time that did not deserve my time, which was taking away from the real things I was supposed to be doing. In my 30’s I have a short attention span.  I do not have the time or energy to date a whole bunch of people.  Especially people who are not conducive to what I am trying to do in my life.  Now instead of dating a whole bunch of ones that are not really important.  I rather date the right one that actually adds value to my life and my times spent with them.

That I have a Destiny

I was never a slacker per se. I went to college and did the typically 20 year old thing.  But I never really thought about what I wanted to do with my life and how I wanted to get there.  I went to college, got a job, got an apartment, had a car; all the stuff I was SUPPOSED to do, but never really thought about what I wanted to do. Or what I was created for.  I never really know what my gifts were let alone how I could actually harness my gifts into a purpose (check out my blog here on finding your purpose)  In my 30’s I have a very clear picture about what I want to do and am willing to work hard to get it. There is a whole world out there for the taking, and I choose to believe that I can be and have anything I want with hard work and perseverance (click here for more on this topic).

Know Myself

I have no idea who that 20 years old woman was who called herself by my named and resemble me was. She was a hot mess.  I do not know who that woman was, I did not know what she wanted, and that 20 years old girl did not know even know who she was or what she wanted out of life.  She would allow other people to define who she was.  But now that 20 something years old girl has turned in a 30 something years old woman.  Now I know who I am and I will not let anyone tell me different.  Either you accept me for me or you don’t.  I am not willing to change for anyone.

I Learned To Hold My Tounge

I used to be the girl that if you rubbed me the wrong way I would read you to filth. Some people think that this is a sign of strength.  Saying what is on your mind all of5 Life Lessons Learned In My 20's. A Reflection of a 30 Year Old Something Female the time no matter if people like it or not.  Now I know how to hold my tongue and I have learned to have self-control.  Self-control is the strength.  Anyone can say whatever comes to their mind, it takes a stronger person to know when to speak and know when to be silent.  It takes an even stronger person to know when to say some that builds someone up versus saying something that pulls someone down.  (Check out my blog on out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks)

I Learned To Accept Myself.

I am no longer 21, I am no longer a size 6, I can no longer long to go to the past and think about what I could have or should have done. All the decision that I made in the past are in the past and I have to live with them. I cannot let my past define my future (click my blog here on that)  I learned that I cannot go back, I have to live in the present and be the person that my past has made me to be.  I can either learn from all the mistakes that I have made or I can live in the past and wish that I have never made them.  No matter if I like it or not, everything that I have done, every decision that I have made; has shaped me into the person that I am today.  And I have learned to accept that although I am not perfect I am a pretty awesome person.  (Click here to read my blog on accepting yourself).

As I go through my 30’s I am sure that there is plenty of life lessons to be learned and more challenges I will have to face. If anything that my 20’s have taught me is that I have to live life, go through the process, and not be in a rush to get older.  I will be 40 before I know it and I want to look back on my 30’s and say that I lived every moment to the fullest. Check out my video below for more lessons.


5 Life Lessons Learned In My 20's. A Reflection of a 30 Year Old Something Female


  1. I loved my 20s, they were full of adventure and carefree moments. But 30s have their different adventures, and I found that my relationships with others were more authentic and more closely connected. Enjoy!

  2. Great post to be honest I think the whole giving time thing applies to everyone not just people you are dating. Life is too short to spend tie with people who don’t appreciate you or who bring you down.

  3. All of the lessons you learned are valuable ones. The trick is to keep living with them as time goes on… Getting older is NOT a bad thing. We figure out more and more as we go along. 🙂

  4. I would have dated MORE! At the verge of 30, there is so much to reflect on. This is a great reflection.

  5. Funny – I stopped holding my tongue as much once I hit my 30’s – I think it’s a byproduct of having less tolerance for stupid bulls*** and less reason to not say something. I’m loving my ’30’s – the 20’s were tough!

  6. So.much.yes!! They all ring true but if I could go back and tell my 20 year old self it would def be #1!!

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