Community Service Ideas! 7 Ways and Reasons To Serve Others

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Community Service Ideas! 7 Ways and Reasons To Serve Others

Community Service Ideas! Ways and Reasons To Serve Others

Today is the Single Christian Woman’s Challenge Day 18.  To see the whole month click here.

Today’s challenge is.

Day 18: Serve

Volunteer at your church or a non-profit in your area. Become a mentor. Lead a small group. Help feed the homeless. Become a Big Sister. Pray for your church leaders. Go on
a missions trip.

There are a lot of benefits to serving other people. You can do random acts of kindness (click my blog here) or community service.  It doesn’t matter what you chose to do, the most important thing is that you are serving other people.  When you serve other people, it allows you to game some perspective. If you ever start to feel sorry for yourself, go volunteer and you will see that there is somebody, some where that has it worse then you do.  If you think your life is bad, imagine how the people feel who have no clean water to drink.  Because no matter how poor you are, in the US, you can always go to a sink and drink clean water and not have to worry about getting some flesh eating bacteria that kills you. Serving other people really puts things into perspective.

So here are common Community Service Ideas.

Go On A Missions Trip

Many church offer them.  If your church does not offer them, then many of the pastors on the Christian broadcasting network have mission trips you pay for and go on.

Give Money To A Cause

I understand that not all people can take time off and go across the world to a missions trips.  But there are some great causes that you can donate to.  And do not just give the bare minimum, really give to a cause.  James Robison on Life Today has a cause in which you can donate to help build a well.  For all budgets.  However, do not just give the minimum, if you can afford to actually buy a whole well, then do it.  It will give a whole village the opportunity to have clean water for the rest of their lives.  Imagine how many lives you can save.

The Local Community Center

Community Service Ideas! 7 Ways and Reasons To Serve Others

No matter if it is the Boys and Girls club or the local domestic violence shelter.  Community centers are also looking for volunteers, to talk to the people there, or to service the homeless.  You do not have to go far to help someone.  Look toward community centers, local churches, or homeless shelters; I can guarantee you they are always looking for people to help.

Habitat for Humanity

Most people have heard of this organization but if you have not the basic premise of this organization is that they build housing for underprivileged people.  The way that they are able to keep the cost affordable for the people that they build the homes for, is that they actually get volunteers to chip in and help build the house for a family.

Pick up Trash

No matter where you are there is some trash somewhere.  You can chose to do this all on your own, which a group, or you can organize a group and do it together.  Picking up trash could mean cleaning up a park or a heavily polluted area.


I have mentored before a few times.  Many of the schools offer this service.  You can either be a mentor or sometimes even a tutor.  It is a chance for you to make a difference on a young person’s life that may not have the opportunity to have a positive role.

Call Your Local United Way or Red Cross

If you call 211 from your local phone, then they will connect you to the local United Way.  The United Way, provided people in need with various resources.  They will be able to direct you to the local organizations in your area that may be in need of volunteers.  So if all else fails, call then and they will get you pointed in the right direction. Red Cross is also a national organization that is everywhere and is always looking for people to help.

Serving is important, it gives us a chance to forget about yourself and think about the problems of the world for a change. I am sure no matter where you are if you want to do community service then one of the above community service ideas should be able to help you out.

Community Service Ideas! 7 Ways and Reasons To Serve Others

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  1. Love these suggestions! Habitat for Humanity even has Rebuild stores to volunteer at if you’re builder-challenged like me, to help stock and guide customers around the store.

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