My Make up Routine. For Work.

I am one of those woman who like to wear make-up every day.  But as I have gotten older I do choose a more settle look, especially to work.  Here is my work make up 1abd2routine and it took me about 15 minutes!

The first product I used was the NYX High HD Studio Primer.  A primer is something that you apply on your face before applying your make up.  This primers fills in your pores, minuses the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, gives your complexion for a seamless finish, and helps your make up last longer.  If you are like me and have oily skin, anything that makes your make up last longer can be life changing.  Because my skin will typically melt all the fou81cQWMwpWtL._SX522_ndation off my face if I let it.

Next I apply my Neutrogena long wear foundation.  I like foundation that does something good for your skin as you wear it.  This is a new foundation I have been using and it has SPF 20 and instantly erases the look of skin imperfections. It is also clinically proven to make skin tone look more even, over time without make up.

To set my foundation I put on the Kat Von D Lock It In Powder Foundation.  Now this foundation is a bit pricey but it locks in my foundation. It is long wear and helps even out the complexation and skin tone, and will not cake or crease. In case you are seeing a reoccurring theme, I need make up that last a long time to smooth out my imperfect skin.

I then apply NYX mineral powder over my face which can be worn with or without makeup.  It helps set your favorite look with a flawless finish and gives your skin a glow throughout the day.arm pallet1

For eyeshadow I used this JAPONESQUE Pixelated Color Eye Shadow Palette.  It has some matte colors as well as some more metallic colors.  I stuck to mostly neutral tones since I was going to work and wearing it during the day.  But I think that you could create an evening look as well with these colors.

After the eyeshadow comes the blush. This Milani Baked Blush in the color Corallina gives a good blend of bronze and red.

For the lip color I just added NYX butter gloss.  I am not a huge lipstick person and prefer colored gloss over actual lipstick.  Add some NYX liquid eye liner and you are done.

For an added bonus, here is a link for my hair.

Here is the overall look.  I know it sounds like I did a lot but really to do my makeup took about 15 minutes.  Like I said I am going to work so do not need to look like my just stepped out of Italian Vogue.  This gives a natural everyday look.


How do you like to wear your work Make up?

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  1. You look amazing! I love your hair too. I’ve never actually seen that palette before but the swatches look so good, so pigmented! Thanks so much for sharing and keep up the good blogging girl xo

  2. That palette is so pretty and so are you! 😀

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