The Lessons To be Learned From My Bad Dating Stories

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Here were go again more bad dating stories. In case you missed it, you can check out the blogs The Lessons To be Learned From My Bad Dating Storiesbelow for other bad dating stories:

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The Lessons To be Learned From Bad Dating Experiences.

Have you ever just sat back and thought of all your dating mistakes.  I have.  And sometimes I wonder what the point was and what I learned from each of them.  So…for your entertainment pleasure once I have decided to list my top bad dating stories and what I learned from each of them.


  1. In my 20’s while on a first date, the man proceeded to tell me about his impeccable ability to sneak up on people. While it seemed entertaining at first, his wild stories about climbing under cars and rummaging through the bushes in order to take people by surprised, seemed a little disturbing to me.  In fact he was convinced that because he had the ability to crawl through the grass without anyone being able to detect him, that he had some type of ninja ability.  He claimed that while sneaking up on his friends, they would often be amazed at how he was able to get so close to them without detection.  I came to the conclusion that his friends were just being nice because they did not want to tell him what an idiot they thought he was.

What I learned from dating this man:  That some people are absolutely insane and there is nothing you can do about it.

  1. One New Year’s Eve, while I was in my 20’s, a friend hooked me up with a guy that she knew. The guy was very nice, took me to a restaurant for our date, one in which he paid and was not an all you can eat buffet.  The only down side was that he spent the entire time talking about another woman.  His ex or current girlfriend…. I am still unclear who she was.  And while she treated him like dog poo, he still seem to be head over heels for her.  The date ended and I never saw The Lessons To be Learned From My Bad Dating Storieshim again.

What I learned from dating this man:  There are some really good men out there.  And just like good women date bad men, good men date bad women.  It would seem like all of the “good” men and women are blind to a good thing and much rather go for the “bad.”

  1. While on a date, I disagreed with my date and said something that he did not like. While he was dropping me off back to the college I was attending at that time, he decided to make a pit stop.  The pit stop was him picking up another women.  He promptly told me to get up from the front seat and sit in the back, while the other woman sat in the front.

What I learned from dating this man: That men will use other women to get to you to make you jealous.  The reason why they do this is to show you that they are “wanted” and that if you do not do what they want you to do then they can go to another woman.  I learned the remedy for this, is to leave that man alone and show him that you are completely fine with them being with that other woman AND that you are not going to compete with anyone. Check out my blog here on why woman should not fight over a man.

I would love go on and on about my bad dating stories, because there have been oh so many.  But the real point is that with each interaction you have with someone, there is a lesson to be learned that you can take with you. Click here to read my blog on how past relationship can make you stronger.

The Lessons To be Learned From My Bad Dating Stories