Taking Baby Steps Toward Your Goal. A Strange Lesson on Life and Luggage

On my vision board I put that I wanted to travel more.  I am no expert on vision boards, but a common misconception about visions boards is that you can sit there and stare at your vision board all day…… wishing, hoping, and snapping your fingers until one day, POOF! Everything on your vision board comes true.

I have a whole lot of dreams and to be honest I know that some divine intervention would have to come into play in order for them to come true.  But I also believe that you need to help God out and get started on your journey as oppose to just waiting for it to happen with no action on your part.

One day I want to live in the laps of luxury sleeping in five star resorts, looking at the every corner of the earth from a private jet! But unfortunately today is not that day.  Maybe not even tomorrow or next year! But I cannot put my travel plans on hold and hope that something miraculous happens, because I put it on my vision board. Not when there are steps that can be taken now in order to start bringing my goals to fruition.

I am not talking about emptying my bank and running off to live in paradise.  That is a big step.  A big step that may leave me broke on the other side of the world with no way to get back.  So instead, I am taking a baby step. I bought myself new language and have a solo trip planned for next month.  And to be honest the location is really just an hour and a half away.  Is me going on a  solo vacation, or perhaps it should be call a stay-cation, the same as sitting on the beaches of Dubai in a Diamond level resort?  Of course not.  But it is a step in the right direction of doing something I want to do.   I may never get to the beaches of Dubai BUT the steps that I make along the way can be both rewarding and challenging even if I do not reach my end result.

On my vision board, I also wanted to lose weight by eating healthy.  Forget the fact that I ate a honey bun this morning for breakfast.  What matters is that since I made that board, most of the days I make an effort to eat healthy and drink water.  Have I lost the 20 pounds that I wanted to lose? No.  But if I make a life change each day and everyday….taking it one step at a time, then by the end of the year I just might reach that goal.  And even if I just lose 15 pounds or 10 pounds, it is still better than me not losing anything at all. AND in the process I learn to eat healthy as oppose to just going on crazy diets where I lose 20 pounds in two weeks and then gain it all back a few months later.

If I am losing you, it is possible that my ADHD is kicking in.  What I am trying to do is create a metaphor.  I am showing the point that if you take baby steps toward your goals, at least you are moving toward a goal.  Not away from them and you’re not standing still.  Instead your goal is one step closer than you were the day before. Baby steps add up.  After a year of taking baby steps, you are 365 steps away from where you started.  Perhaps those baby steps will give you the courage to take big steps moving you toward your goal faster.

So you see, me buying luggage was not just a reason for me to buy something.  It was a baby step saying that I am dedicated to doing something that I want to do.  And when I look at the luggage, it will be a reminder that I need to start taking those small trips in preparation for the big trips.  Every time I write a blog it reminds me that one day I want to have the ability to motivate large groups of people from all over.  Every time I eat fruit for breakfast it reminds me that I want to live a healthier lifestyle.  Even though I do not see my end results now, I am taking the steps the get there.  And once you keep going forward, you have to reach your destination one day.  It just depends on how big of the steps you’re willing to take that will determine how long it takes for you to get there or if you will get there at all.

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  1. Good for you Sophie! I’m a big believer in baby steps and have seen progress in my life after Making baby steps. Keep dreaming and acting!

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