I Found the Oscars Extremely Offensive, And I Am Somehow in the Minority. Go figure!

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I must be the only person in American that saw the Oscars and thought that is was very offensive toward black people.  In fact I did not even watch the entire thing before turning it to the Walking Dead.  While people are giving Chris Rock applauses for mention the plight of black people in the film industry.  I find it appalling and find myself wondering how much money the Oscars paid him to make these crazy jokes.

In the beginning of the Oscars I really had no problems with what Chris Rock was saying.  Not even with the “lynching jokes.”  My problem first came in with the skits in which they replaced black people in the “major white movies” that were nominated.  First off, black people often are portrayed as these stereotypical ghetto speaking characters.  The skit started with Tracy Morgan portraying the Danish girl.  He basically fed into the “black people in film stereotype.”  They put him in a dress, he spoke improper English, and made a joke…..and this was supposed to be funny.
Doesn’t this further prove the ideology that black people can’t be in major roles?  It further proves that the only roles black people can do well is playing the “token black person” with a “token black attitude” that goes along with it.  If that is Chris Rock’s idea of bringing light to the issue, then I would rather pass.  The skit ended with Chris rock in the movie the Martian.  And two white people talking about how they would not spend their white dollars to get him back to planet Earth. Oh and let’s not forget Stacy Dash.  The token black woman of Fox hired to say really offensive things about black people even though she is black. She came out making some joke about black history month. I decided to stop watching when Angela Basset went through this whole monologue about Will Smith’s accomplishments only to then mention something about Joe Black at the end.  I mean really. And this is what we call entertainment and addressing the lack of diversity head on.

So although there are plenty of people “raving” about Chris Rock hosting the Oscars.  I refuse to be a sheep and follow the flock.  Instead I chose to form my own opinion.  My own opinion is this.  We expect white people to take us seriously.  Not just in Hollywood but in life.  If you are a black person I am sure that you can relate to being seen as incompetent or less than because you are black.  I know I have.  But I do not sit around and makes jokes about how incompetent I am to the white people that are in charge, just so that they can have a good laugh.  So how does it prove useful to go in front of a prominent white audience and make fun of ourselves so that they can laugh at us?  What sense does that make?  Do you think that white people now get our point of being unrepresented in the media?  Or do they think that they can just laugh the subject matter off and it be all good?

I refuse to a laugh and think that then screwing me over is funny.  Whatever side you take is on you.  But I beg you to take your own opinion and not the opinion that popular culture is handing you.

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2 Comments on I Found the Oscars Extremely Offensive, And I Am Somehow in the Minority. Go figure!

  1. I found them very offensive too. I turned the show off 10 minutes in. I’ll never watch the Oscars again. I just can’t believe people applauded the insults that were directed towards them.

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