Why Am I Single! A Statement And Not A Question.

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Why am I single? That is what people ask me all of the time. But really the question as to why I am single confuses me just as much as it confuses the people who are asking me.  But it confuses me for different reasons then it confuses them. My family thinks that I am seeing men. Why Am I Single! A Statement And Not A Question.Why Am I Single behind their back and just not telling them.  I am a nice looking girl, educated, and employed (Check out my blog on debunking myths on why your still single). They are confused because it seems like such a pity that I am going to waste.  I am confused because, I do not understand why it mattered so much. (You can also check out my blog single and happy)

But as my ex so kindly put it when I refuse to get back with him

A lot of women have what you have, what makes you do special?

My first reaction was to tell him to get out of my house.  My second reaction was to understand that if he did not see me a special then I did not need to be with him anyway.

It is true that many women are educated and have good jobs, which make us a dime a dozen.  However the bigger issue is that even though many women hustle to be a better versions of themselves, why do men feel that just because they have the bare minimum that this makes them some hot commodity and it makes us women common?

So why am I single?

Why Am I Single ~ I refuse to be with someone who does not value me.

My ex pointed out all the things about me that made me like other women.  But he failed to recognize the things that are me.  And if he cannot differentiate me from those other women then that is a guarantee that you are not meant to be with me.  I don’t need to see myself as special, he should see me as special. I think a lot of men just look at women on a surface level and make the determination to be with them or not, based on what they have or what they look like.  Well if that is what those men want then they can have it.  I want my man to see me, what I have to offer, and value it.

Why Am I Single ~ I refuse to get into another bad relationship.

If you want a poster child for bad relationships then I think you are looking at her (Click here to see my bad dating stories part 1 and here to see my bad dating stories part 2).  I used to think that a bad relationship was better than any relationship.  And honestly I did not even see it as a bad relationship.  I used to think that all of the dysfunctional behavior I had in a relationships were normal.  The lying, the hacking into my man’s phone only to find out that he was cheating with other women, or the running into other women that my man was having sex with at the time.  I use to think that all that was normal.  I don’t want that.  And I refuse to get into another Why Am I Single! A Statement And Not A Question.Why Am I Singlesituation where I am on edge wondering what in the world my man is up to.

What I want is to love and trust the man that I am with unconditionally.  (Click to Tweet)

That comes with getting to know a man first before jumping into a relationship.  Often time men do not make it past this phase with me.  There are always red flags that let me know the man that I am getting to know is a carbon copy of some of the losers I dated in the past.

Why Am I Single ~ I want something that is more about sex.

I am celibate (read that blog here on why).  Just to get you a brief over view.  The man that I had been seeing kicked me out of his house, on my birthday, after having sex.  That was an eye opening experience that told me sex means nothing (see my blog here on casual hook ups).  Sex can blind you from who that person really is.  And no matter how long you have been “sexing” that person, it does not make them love you.  If they are a jacked up individual, sex is not going to make them into your dream guy.

And so we are at the point to why am I single.  And not just for a few months but for YEARS.  For the first time in a long time, I am not dating, looking, or chasing after anyone, and that is okay.  I don’t have the time for it.  I feel that if it is meant for me to meet someone then I will and it is not going to take a whole lot of chasing on my part.  I have been there and done that and it just lead me to a place that I am not willing to revisit.  And if the day never comes for me to be married.  Then I still have myself.  And I think that I am pretty awesome, even if a man cannot see that.  I do not need anyone to tell me how great they think I am.  I already know that for myself.  What I need is for them to add on to all of this awesomeness and to understand my weirdness.  And that is what I am waiting for.

Why Am I SingleWhy Am I Single! A Statement And Not A Question.



  1. Say it Loud and proud lol they need to get in formation. Im wishing you the best in all you do.

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