Why I Am Against Abortion.

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I am pro-life.  You would be shocked at how many negative responses I get from saying that.  Just by telling people I think that an infant deserves to be born.  I can recall when I got pregnant my son’s father wanted me to get an abortion.  I didn’t.  And I can tell you the reason why.  The reason why is the same reason that I am pro-life.

I was an adult who had unprotected sex.  I needed to take responsibilities for my actions as an adult.  I do not feel it was my child’s fault that he was created.

I know women who have had abortions and I do not judge them because that is their personal business.  But it does confuse me when they make excuses for it.  To say that they did it and regret what they did is one thing.  But to do it and blame the situation on someone else is another.  It is different when you have gotten raped and pregnant.  I will get into that in a moment.  But any adult who chooses to have sex (No matter if it is protected or not) if you get pregnant you have a responsibility to the child.  If you choose to give it up for adoption then that is on you.  But at least give the child a chance. It is your fault that the child is here. Not the child’s.

If you are man or woman enough to have sex, and you know that NO birth control is 100%, then it is a possibility that your birth control could fail.  You know that it is possibility that you can get pregnant.  And therefore you need to deal with that responsibility as a person who decided to have sex.  If you are grown enough to do it, be grown enough to handle what comes out.  I fail to see it any other way.  I fail to rationalize in my brain that a fetus needs to be sucked from a mother’s womb, due to reasons that are no fault of their own.

If you had an abortion I am not judging you.  If you are pro-choice, I am not judging you.  But I have to at least be open to conversation about what we pro-lifers think.  I knew a man that had women have 7 abortions.  I feel that he should just put on a condom.  Or better yet get a vasectomy.  My question to him was this.  When you die, and go to heaven, do you think that God will accept the reason that you give for having an abortion?  The same God that came in the flesh and died for us.  Do you think that He will accept the fact that you got 7 women pregnant and then aborted 7 infants?  If you can look God dead in his eye, and feel like He will accept whatever reasoning you give. Then by all means.

But God gets on me all the time for even bending the truth, so I know if I would have had an abortion, me trying to explain an abortion to GOD would not go so well. I remember when I had an ultrasound at 10 weeks.  My son was so small but I could see him moving.  His little legs and everything.  So no one is going to convince me that he just a blog of tissue that has no life.  I am a single mom to the fullest and I have never love anyone as much as I love my son.  That is a true definition of unconditional love.  I would have missed all of that if I aborted him.  I became a better person, literally because of him.

Now as for children born in rape.  I cannot pass judgment to women who have abortions under these conditions.  What I will say is that I have worked with women who had a baby due to rape and she loved her child.  James Robinson a famous preacher was born from rape.  I cannot tell women what to do in these cases.  But I will end it by saying that children born from rape are not cursed and can go and do amazing things.  And it is a possibility to love that child or give that child a chance at life through adoption, and not think of the rapist.

If anything please consider adoption.  There are so many people who want a baby and cannot have one.  And at the very least the child will have a chance at life.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5