How To Spend Valentine’s Day Alone.

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I am going to be alone on Valentine’s Day.  And guess what I do not care.  There was a time when I wanted to avoid this day like the plague.  Now I will more than likely spend the day playing on my XBOX ONE and that makes me just as happy.  I think us SINGLE PEOPLE are lucky this year because Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday.  That means that we will not have to be out and about at work looking at all the wonderful gifts that people are getting and hearing their romantic date plans.  Of course it is possible that there are some do gooders that have had flowers delivered earlier in the week to the jobs of their loved ones.  But overall, single people have the possibility to avoid Valentine’s day altogether if they become a shut in on Sunday.

Here are some other ways in which you can celebrate Valentine’s Day alone. 

  1. Send yourself flowers or candy. With a card telling yourself how great you are.
  2. Go to an anti- Valentine’s Day party.
  3. Go to a speed dating event or other single’s event.
  4. Stay home and watch romantic movies.
  5. Stay at home and watch depressing movies so that you realize that your “single life” is not that bad.
  6. Go out with a friend.
  7. Go out with your kid, if you are a single parent.
  8. Get a nice hotel room and order room service, chocolate covered fruit, and take a nice long spa bath. In other words have a romantic night on yourself away from your home.
  9. Get together with girlfriends and talk about how much you love your single life or how much it sucks. Either way.
  10. Go out shopping and get yourself an “I am single on Valentine’s day” gift. Anything is a great reason to go shopping.
  11. Make little Valentine’s Day gift bags and given them out to people closest to you.
  12. Go to church.
  13. Go to Write a letter to your future self about how you are feeling and what your hope are for the next Valentine’s Day.  And have it set to be delivered to yourself on Valentine ’s Day 2017 or possibly even five year from now.  So when you read it in the future and look back on this day.  You can reflect on how lonely you were.  And hopefully you’re not still single.

Things to Stay Away From. 

  • Facebook, Instagram, or any type of social media that will remind you that other people are having a day with their significant other and your  not.
  • Romantic Restaurants and getting a table for one.
  • Couples Only Parties.
  • Your married or couple friends.  They will only talk about how great their day is going to be.  And pity you for being single.
  • Drugs
  • Excessive drinking that will make you depressed and wallow in your singlesness even more.

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  1. AMEN!!!!! Being single can be fun. YEs it gets annoying when people continuously ask, what are you doing for Valentines, I’m sorry you are alone… Ummm No, I’m good!…lol

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