Fashion Icon Cookie Lyons And How You Can Get Her Look

Cookie Lyons from Empire had become a  favorite high fashion icon with urban wear.  She does not shy away from animal prints or fur coats.  Hecookie-lyon-outfitre are a few of my favorite outfits from Cookie Lyons and how you can look like her.

Outfit 1: The Fur Cookie

This outfit is perfect outfit2clfor the cold weather, but still has a pop of color that will make you stand out.

This red coat THO! This coat is amazing and it is $279.00.  It is a little pricey but it is real.  No faux here. Only fox fur.  You can skip out on this coat if you are an animal activist or something.  But you cannot deny that this coat is fire.

These are some simple skinny black jeans from Macy’s that retail for $49.50.

The bag is from Kohl’s retailing at $190.

Total Outfit Cost: $437.50




Outfit 2- The Black Tie Cookiecookieoutfit3

Want to dress it up and still031915-empire-recap_0 have the flair of Cookie Lyons.  This red gown is perfect.  It retails for $178 along with these $90 Steve Madden Shoes.

Total Outfit Cost: $268










Outfit 3 – The Pink Cookiegallery_nrm_1423076929-empire_ep104_sc7_101014_0148_f3

This outfit can be versatile and worn in spring or summer without the neck warmer or in colder months with the neck warmer.

This floral dress retails at Lord and Taylor for $310.39 and the fur neck warmer retails at $2
9.99.  And in case you hate real fur.  It is faux fur.

Total Outfit Cost: $340.38





Outfit 5- The Jungle Cookie

This outfit has tight fitting and animalistic print all over it.

This dress retails for $24.99 and this faux fur coat for $75.41.5cl

Making the total cost of this outfit: $100.40



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